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Twice-Cooked Pork – 回鍋肉

Twice-cooked Pork 1

The name of this very common and classic Chinese dish, 回鍋肉 (huíguō ròu), translates directly as ‘Return to the Pot Pork’.  In English, however, it is usually rendered as ‘Twice-Cooked Pork’ as two separate processes  are used for cooking the meat. Basically, a fatty cut (most commonly Pork Belly) is simmered in a flavored liquid, then cooled, sliced, and fried, typically with a vegetable or two.

The dish is probably Sichuanese in origin, but it is prepared in homes and restaurants all over China and has many variations on the basic theme. Often a simple sauce based on bean paste coats the finished ingredients, with Chili Bean Paste common in Sichuan, and Sweet Bean Sauce elsewhere. I like to fry the meat with sweet green peppers sometimes, but leeks are quite often used as well. Today, I am preparing a non-spicy variety that would probably be very much at home in Taiwan, and I am using simple Scallion for the sole vegetable addition…  Continue reading “Twice-Cooked Pork – 回鍋肉”