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Octopus Banchan

Octopus Banchan 1

Today, I have used the tentacle tips and other scraps from a recent Octopus Purchase to make a little Korean style Banchan, or side-dish. This style of Banchan involves cooking the main ingredient with the Korean Chili Paste known as Gochujang, and a sweetener, usually a syrup such corn, or rice syrup, or even honey. The presence of the latter allows for such dishes to keep a long time in the fridge.

There is a very similar dish to the one that I am making called Nakji bokkeum in which additional vegetable are added during stir-frying. Typically, the result is served hot, often over rice, but the simple, banchan-style type is served cold… Continue reading “Octopus Banchan”

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Salted Radish Banchan

Salted Radish Banchan 1

If you have eaten at a Korean restaurant you will recognize ‘Banchans’ as being the small (usually free) side dishes that accompany the main meal. Cabbage Kimchi is a standard offering but there are many others and I tend to rate a restaurant on the number and variety of selections provided.

Today’s offering is not an actual Korean recipe (to the best of my knowledge) but the combination of Preserved Salted Radish along with Gochujang chilli paste makes it a pretty good fit to the basic theme… Continue reading “Salted Radish Banchan”

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Banchan: Namul of Daikon Greens

Daikon Namul 01

A few days ago, I featured a recipe for Gamja Jorim, which is an example of a particular type of Korean Banchan (or side-dish) in which the main ingredients are simmered in a seasoned liquid medium. Today’s post involves another class of Banchan known collectively as ‘Namul’. A namul consists of seasoned vegetables (sometimes cooked, sometimes not) and for this recipe I will be using some of the Daikon greens grown by my wife this past summer. Other greens could be used, but this recipe is probably best suited to the coarser, more fibrous sorts…  Continue reading “Banchan: Namul of Daikon Greens”

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Banchan: Jorim with Potato – Gamja Jorim

Gamja Jorim 01

The Koreans have a great tradition of serving small side dishes known as ‘Banchan’ along with the rice and other main dish selections of a meal. There are many different varieties, and several types (sometimes just a couple but occasionally, up to twelve, will be served at once, being replenished as necessary. The varieties are organized into categories and today’s recipe is for a type known as a ‘Jorim’ dish, which essentially consists of one or two main ingredients seasoned in a simmered broth. A Jorim could be a main dish, and is then usually served hot, but, as a Banchan, it is often served cold. Today, I am making a potato variety called ‘Gamja Jorim’…  Continue reading “Banchan: Jorim with Potato – Gamja Jorim”