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Foodstuff: Guyabano Nectar

Guyabano Nectar 1

The name ‘Guyabano’ meant nothing to me when I picked this beverage up at our local grocery store and I didn’t immediately recognize the picture on the can that shows a fruit somewhat resembling a Chayote with a nodular, almost spiny skin. As it turns out, however, ‘Guyabano’ is the Filipino name for what is elsewhere known as a ‘Soursop’ and some of my readers will recall that I tried Soursop Juice a while ago.

This particular product is a ‘nectar’ rather than a juice, which means it is made from a puree of the fruit with sugar added, and the taste experience was somewhat different. To my mind, this was very like a ‘creamy’ grapefruit juice but with a very floral aftertaste. One of my readers commenting on my Soursop Juice post likened the juice to Persimmon and I would tend to agree that there is a similarity, but without the rather nutty under-taste that Persimmons can have. Anyway, I rather liked it but I also found I just a little too sweet to be refreshing. It would, however, make an interesting cooking medium, I think, and I will report on any experiments along those lines.

For Iqaluit residents who would like to try this, it can be found at Northmart in the same aisle as the exotic foods…


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Foodstuff: Coconut Water

Coconut Water 1

Not that many years ago, you would have a hard time finding Coconut water, or coconut juice, on the shelves of our local stores but, nowadays, one can usually select from 6 or 8 different brands packaged in both cans and cartons. This relatively new trend is, I suspect, largely due to the product being touted as a ‘health beverage’ or ‘sport drink’, with all sorts of extravagant claims being made along those lines.

Coconut water is the clear juice inside coconuts and, though I have occasionally seen it referred to as ‘coconut milk’ that term is more properly reserved for the thicker preparation made with the pureed flesh. Coconut milk is widely used as a cooking ingredient, particularly in India and South-East Asia, and you will find a number of recipes employing it here at Sybaritica. The ‘water’, however, is primarily sold as a beverage but it does have its culinary uses too and that is what interests me the most… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Coconut Water”

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Exotic Asian Drinks in Ottawa

Just a brief, rather light sort of post for today… I usually feature actual foodstuffs rather than beverages but, on my last trip to Ottawa, I happened to come across a couple of drinks at a Vietnamese grocery store that are definitely not on the list of common liquid refreshments amongst the majority of Canadians. Coke and 7Up are ubiquitous, of course, but ‘Tamarind juice’ and ‘Grass Jelly Drink’ don’t seem to have made the popular rounds yet as far as I can tell… Continue reading “Exotic Asian Drinks in Ottawa”