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Review: The Cornerstone Bar and Grill

92 Clarence Street  Ottawa – (613) 241-6835 – Website

Date of Visit: July 27, 2012 

I hadn’t planned on visiting this place especially but when the restaurant I had intended to eat at turned out to be closed I walked around Byward Market and ended up here. I had a look at the Menu that was posted by the front doors and, when I saw that one of the specials was steak served on a sizzling hot stone, I remembered a friend telling me about it and I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, the experience started out so badly I never got to eat… Continue reading “Review: The Cornerstone Bar and Grill”

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Review: Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro

54 York Street, Ottawa – (613) 241-4270 – Website 

Date of Visit: July 26, 2012

Vineyards describes itself as a Wine Bar and Bistro but it also serves an impressive number of beers from around the world (more than anywhere else in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, they claim), and there is also a pretty decent selection of single malt Scotches, although not nearly as extensive as at the nearby Highlander Pub. I make it a point of visiting the place every time I am in Ottawa, but, other than a cold plate appetizer I shared with my wife a few years ago, this is the first time I have ever gone there for a meal… Continue reading “Review: Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro”

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Review: Luxe Bistro – Ottawa

47 York Street, Ottawa, (613) 241-8805 – Website

Date of Visit: March 21, 2012

I had planned to visit Luxe Bistro on a trip to Ottawa in 2011 but was prevented from doing so by lack of time. On my most recent visit to the capital, I made this restaurant a priority and booked a table for 7pm on the first evening of my stay.

As luck would have it, I developed a bit of a nasty chest cold just before leaving home and I arrived in the city, a mere two hours before my booking, in a rather frazzled condition after an especially trying three hour flight seated behind a constantly crying baby. Admittedly, this is hardly the best frame of mind in which to do a restaurant review but, as it turned out, aside from a limited ability to properly savor the wine, I ended up enjoying a pretty decent dining experience…  Continue reading “Review: Luxe Bistro – Ottawa”