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A Nomination: The Versatile Blogger Award

Well here was a nice surprise… I awoke this morning to discover that Alison over at WifeMeetsLife has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award (Thank you SO much, Alison!).

I have seen the VBA Logo at a number of blog sites and I can’t say I ever expected to receive a nomination… at least, certainly not so soon after getting started in the blogosphere. Anyway, as I read Alison’s post announcing her elevation to the fold, the rules for accepting a nomination require that (in addition to thanking the nominator), I must provide 7 facts about myself and nominate 7 other blogs I think worthy of the award. So here goes….

7 Facts about Yours Truly…

  1. My wife and I have 5 cats who rejoice in the names: ‘Big Fat Kittie’, ‘Fluffy Kittie’, ‘Good Kittie’ (aka: Grey Kittie or Dumbo), ‘Little Black Kittie’ and ‘Little White Kittie’;
  2. For five years I was the most northerly practicing lawyer on the continent;
  3. I was born in England, emigrated to Canada at age 12, and have lived on 3 continents;
  4. Before moving to the Arctic regions, my wife and I raised cows, chickens and turkeys on a little 35 acre hobby farm;
  5. I have a collection of over 300 cookbooks;
  6. I have assisted at over 300 autopsies; and,
  7. I can remember all sorts of obscure facts and figures but need to keep reading glasses scattered all around the house as I keep forgetting where I set them down…

7 Really Worthwhile Blogs…

  1. Back Road Journal … A blog by a New Englander with a lovely garden and lots of nice recipes;
  2. Chow Times … The food and travel adventures of Ben and Suanne from Vancouver;
  3. CoolCookStyle … Recipes and culinary musings by a ‘savoir-vivre’ who goes by the interesting handle: Bacon Biscuit12;
  4. Domestic Diva, M.D. … Recipes and hilarious anecdotes from a newly qualified medical doctor;
  5. Sinfully Spicy … A celebration of Indian food with lovely photography;
  6. Mmm…Yoso!!! … The food travels of a San Diego based blogger; and,
  7. I love you, 2012 … Another Northern lawyer relates his experiences and chronicles 10 impossible projects he plans to complete in 365 days.

Well, there were actually several other blogs I thought should be nominated but I see that they have been so honored already. As for the last blog in my list of 7, I urge my regular readers to take a look. Malcolm (aka: Repo) who writes the blog is a regular travel companion and co-defense counsel with me on Court circuits all around the North. His projects for the year include running a Marathon on the sea-ice which will require him to be dropped out on the ice floe 26 miles from home so that he can make his own way back. I rather expect that after being cooped up for the long Arctic winter we are just emerging from, his wife will be happy to drop him off on an ice floe any old time….

Anyway… Thank you, again, Alison, for the unexpected nomination!