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Baron du Pin 2016

Baron du Pin 2016

I am loathe to ever give a single star rating to wines… chiefly, that means they are virtually non-drinkable. This specimen, being a Merlot blend from Bordeaux, came very close to such a rating….

Producer: Union des Producteurs de Rauzan-Grangeneuve

Price $12.65 at SAQ

Alcohol: 12%  Sugar: 2.8 g/L

Blend: Merlot: 75%   Cabernet Sauvignon: 25%


The color is a very opaque red-purple. There are very muted dark-red fruits on the nose coupled with the sweetness of jam and a vaguely,meaty, animal quality. The body is medium and the effect off-dry with an acidity that rises at the start and  fades quickly. The tannin are quite smooth generally, but lurk in the background and only really assert themselves as a slight acerbity near the finish. The dominant mouth effect is of cherry cough syrup and candy floss along with a woodiness paired with a burnt paper quality. In all, this is not a complex wine or nice tasting and not one I would even buy for cooking, much less drinking.