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Réserve de la Chèvre Noire Bourgogne 2016

Réserve de la Chèvre Noire Bourgogne 2016

I have mentioned before that Burgundy has the most complex and extensive Appellation Control regime (AOC) in all France. Today’s wine is from the Bourgogne AOC, which is the broadest, and, as generally regarded, at the bottom of the AOC ‘pyramid’. This is generally supposed to be reflected in the general quality but this is frequently not the case and this particular Bourgogne happens to be pretty decent…

  • Winery: Boisseaux-Estivant
  • Price: $21.90 CDN
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Sugar: 1.5 g/L

The color is a medium cherry-red. The nose is quite aromatic with dark red and black fruit, dried flowers, and a very slightly musty vegetal quality.It is quite light bodied, fairly smooth and dry with a moderately high acidity that rises quickly at the start and then subsides to allow the tannins to develop. These are of moderate strength at first and then rise well into the finish where the quite tart acidity reasserts itself again. It is less aromatically fruity in the mouth as on the nose and the vegetal quality is a bit more pronounced, with woody notes, a mild  floral spiciness and just a whisper of vanilla. The lack of body is its weakness, but it is not bad overall.