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Rajasthani Roti

Rajasthani Roti 1

Some months ago, I featured a simple basic Indian flatbread known as Roti. This more complex version, more specifically a form of Paratha, allows me to illustrate the use of two basic ingredients, Besan and Ajowan Seed, that we took a look at recently. The recipe here, although a bit of an improvisation, is one that would likely be quite at home in the North-East Indian state of Rajasthan, especially since that particular corner of the country is by far the greatest producer of the flavorful Ajowan Seed… Continue reading “Rajasthani Roti”

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Parathas 1

Back when I posted a recipe for a basic Indian flatbread known as Roti, I promised to take a look at a slightly more complex type known as Paratha. The Chapati is the simplest form of roti and is essentially just made from a dough composed of flour water, and optionally a little salt, that is then rolled out into rounds and cooked on a dry griddle. The Paratha, in contrast, often has a little fat added to the dough and then folded a number of times during the rolling process in order to create layers of dough resulting in a flakier, fluffier finished product. Again, in contrast to the chapati, some form of oil or fat is used on the griddle during cooking.

There are quite a few variations on the basic theme, including the addition of spices or herbs to the dough, and some paratha are stuffed or filled with other ingredients like potato, cauliflower or greens. Our experiment today will produce an extremely basic version… Continue reading “Parathas”

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Roti (Indian flatbread)

Indian cookery does include leavened, or raised dough breads, with Naan being the most widely known variety, but flatbreads, in a multitude of forms are much more commonly prepared in the home kitchen. There are very specific sorts… Chapati and Paratha, for example… but ‘Roti’ is a more of an umbrella term, derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘bread’, that includes both of these sub-types as well as a host of others. The following is my recipe for a moderately simple variety… Continue reading “Roti (Indian flatbread)”