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Foodstuff: Lamb Sausage


In the last few months, the availability and variety of lamb products has expanded tremendously up here on Baffin Island. Lamb has never traditionally been a widely popular meat in Canada and I attribute the new increased demand to signal a shift in the demographic. There has been a Mosque here in Iqaluit for about a year now and, since I haven’t noticed any sudden influx of Australians or Greeks of late, I rather think that the noticeably increased numbers of immigrants from the Middle East has brought about this welcome change.

Anyway, in addition to some other lamb products, there is a new line of packaged items produced under the name LÄM, a registered trademark of the ‘Canadian Lamb Producers Co-operative’. The website for the cooperative lists their products as being Burgers, Sausages, Kabobs and Meatballs, and, thus far, I have seen the first three of these available locally. I mean to try the Burgers and Kabobs in due course but, today, I am going to try out the Sausage… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Lamb Sausage”

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Review: Red Apple Restaurant

4701 Franklin Avenue, Yellowknife

Red App 1

Date of Visit: October 3, 2015


The Red Apple is fairly close to a hotel I stayed in overnight and it was handy for a quick spot of breakfast one morning, I actually ate here (again for breakfast) many, many years ago and it doesn’t look to have changed a great deal in the meantime. Still, it is a pretty good place for cheap meal… Continue reading “Review: Red Apple Restaurant”

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Fried Potato Patties

Potato Patties 1

I occasionally make ‘Latke‘ style potato pancakes for breakfasts or brunches. They are very nice but they are also a bit of a pain to make. After grating the raw potatoes, they need to be vigorously squeezed to remove excess water, care has to be taken to form them so they aren’t straggly nests of loose shreds, and they can’t be too thick or the middles end up being partially raw. One Saturday, I decided to change the routine a little and use pre-cooked potatoes instead… Continue reading “Fried Potato Patties”

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Review: Cora’s

179 Rideau St., Ottawa – (613) 241-7642 – Website

Coras 1

Date of Visit: December 8, 2012

Cora’s, I only just discovered, is a chain of restaurants (currently celebrating 25 years in operation) that has 147 restaurants across Canada. Thus far, however, I have never been in one and the only one I have really noticed was the one on Rideau St. in downtown Ottawa which was visible from my hotel room during this last visit to the capital. One morning, during my stay, I decided to give it a try for brunch… Continue reading “Review: Cora’s”

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Review: 3 Brothers Restaurant

321 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa – (613) 241-6665 – Website 

Date of Visit: July 25, 2012

The 3 Brothers restaurant in Byward Market might seem like an odd choice of place to go for breakfast but, as you can see on their sign, they do in fact offer breakfast service. I was rather curious to see what a breakfast might be like in a place that specializes in Shawarma, but it turned out to be pretty much the standard bacon-and-egg fare. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a little more exotic but, actually, it was pretty good… Continue reading “Review: 3 Brothers Restaurant”

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Review: Mellos Diner

290 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa  (613) 241-1909 

Date of Visit: July 24, 2012

Mellos Diner is something of a fixture in Ottawa, having been in operation since 1942. I came across it while searching the internet for restaurants prior to my July trip to the capital and it wasn’t until I arrived at the place that I realized I had eaten there some 3 or 4 years ago. As on that occasion, my experience this time was fairly agreeable but not especially memorable… Continue reading “Review: Mellos Diner”

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Review: Zak’s Diner – Ottawa

14 Byward Market Square, Ottawa, (613) 241-2401 – Website

Date of Visit:  March 23, 2012

Zak’s is one of the two decent places I went for breakfast on my last trip to Ottawa. I have passed by Zak’s many times in the past but this time I wanted to try a place for breakfast other than Dunn’s, my regular spot, since, good as that place is, I just felt like something different. Zak’s, as it turned out, was a very good choice …  Continue reading “Review: Zak’s Diner – Ottawa”

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Review: Dunn’s Famous Deli – Ottawa

355 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, (613) 562-4966 – Website

Date of Visit: March 22, 2012 

I hadn’t really planned on reviewing breakfasts when I started my blog but my wife thought it would be a good idea and on my recent trip to Ottawa I hit a couple of spots that deserve a mention. Dunn’s is one of them:

Dunn’s is just down the street from Les Suites hotel, which is where I usually stay when I visit the capital. It is part of a restaurant chain, I recently discovered, and it is primarily a licensed Deli specializing in Montreal Smoked Meat. More importantly, from my perspective, they offer breakfasts 24 hours a day, and, for those who require it, their breakfast menu offers a ‘Hair of the Dog Caesar’… although I haven’t been tempted by that particular offering yet…  Continue reading “Review: Dunn’s Famous Deli – Ottawa”