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Alligator Bites

Alligator Bites 1

Today’s dish is my own rendition of the way I have most commonly been served Alligator in restaurants… that is to say, deep-fried with Cajun spices. Sometimes, I have had appetizers with chunks of Alligator meat that were first battered but I prefer to have them very lightly breaded as I have done here. The process is not difficult, and the result is very nice indeed… Continue reading “Alligator Bites”

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Notable Nosh: Jambalya (Real Cajun style?)

Nosh - Jambalaya

Quite some time ago,  I posted a version of Jambalaya  I cooked myself. My wife and I both make the dish from time to time but, until recently, I had only once had it served to me outside the home and this was at Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro , in Ottawa. That place is not a Cajun restaurant and their interpretation was not, I am afraid to say,  particularly impressive.

On my last trip to the capital, I paid a visit to Fat Tuesdays as I had long wanted to sample their ‘Oyster Po’boy’. Unfortunately, that particular delicacy still remains on my ‘bucket list’, as I discovered that the restaurant has now discontinued the item, apparently due to some sort of supply issues with the buns they used. In any event, though disappointed, I saw that Jambalaya was on the menu and, as Fat Tuesdays is most definitely a Cajun place, I decided to see what they could do with the dish… Continue reading “Notable Nosh: Jambalya (Real Cajun style?)”

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Clam Po’boys

Clam Po'boy 01

The Po’boy is a type of submarine sandwich native to New Orleans and the Oyster Po’boy is a special variety loaded with fried oysters and other ingredients, including pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and either mayonnaise, or a sauce known as ‘Come back Sauce’ which is, as best as I can describe it, a bit like a seafood cocktail sauce without the horseradish. I have long wanted to try one of these but have not yet had the chance and, since oysters are WAY too expensive to import up here for such a use, I have decided to give my own version a try using Quikiqtarjuaq Clams …  Continue reading “Clam Po’boys”

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Review: Fat Tuesdays

62 York Street, Ottawa – (613) 241-6810 – Website

Fat Tuesdays 1

Date of Visit: December 2, 2012

Fat Tuesdays sits smack dab in the middle of Byward Market and, in the summer time, has seating on an out-door deck. I had a beer and a snack of some sort out on their deck quite a few years ago and, on this most recent visit to Ottawa, I thought I would see what a more substantial meal would be like inside. In all, I have to say that I had a fairly pleasant time… Continue reading “Review: Fat Tuesdays”

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Experiment: Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a dish people generally associate with the Cajun cuisine of Louisiana. I gather, however, that it probably originated in the Caribbean, although the name may actually be French, having its roots in a Provencal word meaning a mish-mash, or mélange of various ingredients. Whatever the truth of the matter, it is one of those concoctions that has many variations, with the basic theme being rice cooked with meat (most commonly chicken), spicy sausage, and seafood. It is a dish that I have cooked countless times, it being amongst my favorite types of meal, and about the only thing I can say with certainty about my efforts is that no two are ever exactly the same… Continue reading “Experiment: Jambalaya”