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Salt and Pepper Squid

Salt Pepper Squid 1

When I am at the type of western restaurant that serves deep-fried calamari rings as an appetizer I usually select them because, in such places (with the exception of good Italian restaurants), the rest of the appetizer menu is usually not that interesting. I like deep-fried Calamari most of the time but I also prefer to eat heavily battered deep-fried foods only sparingly, if only as a matter of personal taste rather than for health reasons.

Since I had some frozen Calamari Rings unused after a previous meal, I decided to use them as a deep-fried appetizer, but, rather than using the typical sort of thick batter, I thought I would use a much lighter Asian frying technique along with a seasoning that is especially popular with shrimp… Continue reading “Salt and Pepper Squid”

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Steamed Squid with Scallion and Ginger

Steamed squid is one my regular selections at Dim Sum restaurants and I decided to whip up a batch using some of the SeaQuest Brand Frozen Calamari Rings I still have left. I like squid steamed with spicy sauces particularly but, this time, I just went with the very simple scallion and ginger version that is most commonly offered as Dim Sum…  Continue reading “Steamed Squid with Scallion and Ginger”

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Experiment: Squid Sashimi (using frozen Calamari)

A while ago, I featured Sea Quest Brand Frozen Calamari Rings in a ‘Foodstuffs’ post. In that post I opined that, while this product might be fine in any number of cooked preparations, it really wasn’t sashimi quality squid.

Since writing that post, I began to wonder if there was something I could do to do ‘rejuvenate’ the squid rings and render them tasty enough to eat raw. I love fresh squid sashimi, but fresh squid, along with so many things, is pretty much unavailable here in the far north and so it seemed like some sort of work around solution would be necessary. It struck me, as I thought about the problem, that maybe the ‘juice’ I made using Korean fermented shrimp might just add the required fillip to the frozen squid and maybe compensate for the diminished taste…  Continue reading “Experiment: Squid Sashimi (using frozen Calamari)”

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Foodstuffs: Frozen Calamari – SeaQuest Brand

Squid are not easy to come by here on Baffin Island. About 5 months ago, one of our local stores had some boxes of whole squid and I bought some. In order to eke out the supply in fear of not seeing squid again for a long time I used them very sparingly and still have some left (although it really is high time I finished them off before they are no longer good). Anyway, just a few weeks ago, our other grocery store suddenly came up with a supply of SeaQuest Brand frozen Calamari rings at a pretty decent price. I bought eight bags… Continue reading “Foodstuffs: Frozen Calamari – SeaQuest Brand”