Today, I thought I would share with you a rather interesting item I picked up while in Ottawa just before Christmas. There is a very nice confectionary store called the ‘Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’ down in Byward Market and on my last visit to the city in order to pick up some treats for the holiday season. I snagged some regular Peanut Brittle (which I love) and then my eyes fell on this Chili-Garlic variety and I couldn’t resist. It had all the hallmarks of something potentially awful but, as it happened, it was actually pretty darned good….

Aside from the red color, the appearance is little different from the usual sort (although nuts other than peanuts are included). At first bite, it didn’t really taste much different but then a slow warmth began to develop as the chili made its appearance. With successive pieces, the heat was a bit more noticeable but it never got stronger than a background taste and didn’t overwhelm the rest of the flavor by any means. As for the garlic, this brittle definitely did have a little’ something else’ but whether this was garlic or not was a little difficult to tell. In any event, the overall effect was surprisingly tasty and if you get a chance to drop into ‘Rocky Mountain’ it is well worth trying…


You Betcha!

These days, it seems like bacon is the new crack cocaine. Nobody is actually smoking it yet… well, you get what I mean… but it sure seems to be getting consumed with an ever increasing popularity, and in ways that would have been unimaginable not that long ago.

A while back, Baconbiscuit21 (aka Daisy), who writes the Coolcookstyle blog, was a contestant in the celebrated Brooklyn Bacon Takedown and her entry was a ‘Maple-Candied Bacon and Spice Pecan Nougat’. I have to say that, though I have enjoyed Bacon and Banana sandwiches, and even quite liked bacon with peanut butter, the notion of processed pig in a candy seemed a little… well, odd. Still, I am generally willing to sample just about anything and, when Daisy was gracious enough to send my wife and I little sample, we were most pleased to give it a try. I can tell you now that the experience was an eye-opener … the stuff is really, really good!

Quite honestly, knowing that there was bacon in the candy prepared you to taste it, but I am pretty sure that, if you gave a piece to an unsuspecting soul, they would like the overall experience but have no idea that they were eating a smoked pork product in with the nougat and pecan. Somehow, the familiar flavor of bacon blends with the other tastes to yield something entirely new. It is sweet, only slightly savory, and not nearly as rich as I might have expected.

Fortunately, you don’t need to take my word for how delicious this stuff is… Daisy is now making it available via mail order and you can find the details here. I highly recommend you giving it a try!