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Cardamom Lemon Chicken

Cardamom Lemon Chicken 1

Today’s experiment is vaguely Indian in spirit, although I’ve not actually seen anything exactly like it in any of my Indian cookery books. While my wife was travelling recently, I cooked some chicken pieces using lemon zest in an Italian style pesto as a marinade and, since I had chicken (and fresh lemon) leftover, I thought I would experiment a little further, this time working with the flavors of the east… Continue reading “Cardamom Lemon Chicken”

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Spice: Black Cardamom

Cardamom is not a common addition to most home spice cabinets. It comes in two closely related varieties: the green (which most people will have at least tasted at some time or another), and the black variety, which is larger and far less well known in western cookery. Green cardamom, although not widely recognized, is used in quite a few bakery products, especially in Scandinavia, and it is likely in these types of products that most people will have encountered it.

When I was growing up, green cardamom was used quite frequently in our house, especially in my father’s biryanis, but I was probably in my thirties before I discovered the black variety. It is unfortunate that that this spice is not very well known because it has a unique taste that works nicely in quite a number of different preparations… Continue reading “Spice: Black Cardamom”