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Omelet with Salted Radish and Conpoy

Omelet with Preserved Radish and Compoy 1

This omelettes, or egg-cakes, picture here contain Preserved Radish and Conpoy and are thus quite Chinese in character, although I don’t know if this particular combination has actually ever been tried before. I had first thought of serving them with the typical ‘brown sauce’ that was once common on westernized versions of ‘Egg Foo Yung’ but, instead, I went a little Japanese and just drizzled them with a little ‘Eel Sauce’, sweet condiment rather like Chinese Oyster Sauce, that one often encounters topping the Japanese ‘pizza’ known as Okonmiyaki. If this is not something you have on hand, you could substitute a little Oyster Sauce with a little rice wine and sugar added… Continue reading “Omelet with Salted Radish and Conpoy”

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Kimchi with Shrimp and Scallop

Kimchi with Shrimp and Scallop 1

Recently, I posted a recipe for a Simple Kimchi, and I mentioned that, in more complex varieties, Korean often boost the umami quotient of the pickle by include things like oysters, brined shrimp, or even fish guts. Today’s recipe does just that using shrimp and scallop except that, in this case, I am using Chinese style dried shrimp and scallops (the latter known as ‘conpoy’. I am also departing from the method I used in the Simple Kimchi recipe by using the slightly more traditional method of making chilli paste from scratch rather than using the pre-made Korean ‘Gochujang’ … Continue reading “Kimchi with Shrimp and Scallop”

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Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls 1

First, let me say that no dragons were harmed (or even painlessly neutered) during the making of this dish. The name, in fact, is entirely fanciful and reflects the fact that I couldn’t think of a name other than a cumbersome one identifying the ingredients. Although Chinese in spirit, it is not a traditional recipe but was instead put together to use up some pork and peppers I had left over from making the Stuffed Peppers I made a few days earlier. Here, I decided to incorporate some Conpoy, or dried scallops in the meat blend, and the ‘Dragon’ appellation is made a little more apt by the inclusion of both fresh hot peppers and Chili paste…  Continue reading “Dragon Balls”

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Eggs with Scallion and Conpoy

Eggs with Scallion and Conpoy 1

Quite a while ago, I posted a recipe for a very popular Chinese comfort food consisting of Eggs Stir-fried with Tomatoes. In that post, I noted that various additional ingredients are often added to give a little umami boost to the dish. My wife, for instance, adds Oyster Sauce which is very tasty, although it does give the ages a rather dark appearance. I eventually hit upon the idea of adding Korean fermented shrimp and we like that very much but the product is not easy to come by and our last batch, which my wife brought back from Korea, is now long gone.

I decided to revisit the basic theme using Conpoy (dried Scallop) as the umami additive and it worked very nicely. Instead of tomatoes (having none on hand) I used scallion, and I also added just a bit of chili paste for a little sparkle… Continue reading “Eggs with Scallion and Conpoy”

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Preserved Pork Belly Soup with Conpoy

Pork Belly and Conpoy Soup 1

My wife was a little under the weather and not really up for eating anything substantial so I put together a warming soup full of rich ingredients designed to be nourishing but still relatively light. Good meat stock made with chicken and pork bones forms the base, while the special flavor comes from my Chinese Preserved Pork Belly, tiny Chinese Dried Scallops (Conpoy), plus Ginger and Goji Berry for added goodness…  Continue reading “Preserved Pork Belly Soup with Conpoy”

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Steamed Rice with Preserved Pork-Belly and Egg

Steamd Rice with Pork and Egg 1

When I featured Chinese Preserved Pork-Belly  in a recent ‘Foodstuffs’ post, I said that I planned to use some of it in a very common way by steaming it over rice. This dish, which permits of countless variations, is a very ‘homey’ sort of preparation and many people add the pork, along with other ingredients, to rice in electric steamers to make a quick, simple meal. I am using a clay-pot to steam my rice and I am departing from the more standard method by using pre-cooked rice, thus necessitating a fairly short cooking time. In addition to the pork, I will be adding some greens and other flavorful ingredients… Continue reading “Steamed Rice with Preserved Pork-Belly and Egg”

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Bok Choy with Dried Scallop (Conpoy)

Bok Choy with Conpoy 1

After featuring Chinese Dried Scallops in a recent ‘Foodstuffs’ post, I decided to use some in a very simple vegetable preparation that beautifully illustrates how this basic, yet flavorful ingredient can enhance an otherwise plain dish. Baby Bok Choy is a favorite vegetable in our household and the succulent greens really do well when treated this way… Continue reading “Bok Choy with Dried Scallop (Conpoy)”