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Review: Tsukemono – Japanese Pickling Recipes

By Ikuko Hisamatsu

2005, Japan Publications Trading, ISBN-13: 978-4889961812

This publication belongs to the very nice ‘Quick and Easy’ series and is a special favorite of my wife, who enjoys trying many different kinds of pickling methods. The name of the book is just a little bit inaccurate but, in this case, the inaccuracy works to the benefit of the reader rather than otherwise because, in addition to providing a very comprehensive of Japanese pickling methods, some varieties from other parts of the world are featured as well… Continue reading “Review: Tsukemono – Japanese Pickling Recipes”

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Review: Cooking with Chinese Herbs

By Terry Tan

2004, Times Editions, ISBN-13: 978-9812329608

In Chinese cuisine, almost all foods are categorized according to various qualities pertinent to the principles of Chinese Traditional medicine, and there are also quite a number of herbal ingredients that are used almost exclusively for their medicinal value. I only recently came across this very nice little book on the subject and I rather wish I had owned it before writing my post on Crocodile Meat Soup Mix, as it would have saved me quite a bit of research time… Continue reading “Review: Cooking with Chinese Herbs”

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Review: Savoring India

by Julie Sahni

2002: Oxmoor House  ISBN-13: 978-0848725907

This book is one of a several in the Williams-Sonoma ‘Savoring…’ series, all of which are beautiful to look at and pleasures to read. This, as are the others, is part travelogue, part culinary atlas and, as such is as much of a coffee-table book as it is a regular cookery publication…  Continue reading “Review: Savoring India”

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Review: Chinese Cuisine

by Huang Su-Huei

2006 Wei-Chuan Publishing   ISBN-13: 978-0941676083

This book is another volume from the Wei-Chuan cookery book series that I introduced in my review of Chinese Cuisine Szechwan Style a while ago and most of the general comments I made about the series in that review apply to this book as well. I have nearly two-dozen of these books now and this particular volume is one of the best…  Continue reading “Review: Chinese Cuisine”

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Review: The Szechuan and Hunan cookbook

By Louise Stallard

1981 Sterling Publishing Co.  ISBN 13: 978-0847313310

I frequently scan Amazon for cookery books that are interesting or out of the ordinary. I do not limit myself to those just carried by Amazon but also will occasionally purchase from third-party vendors who advertise there, as it is sometimes possible to come up with the odd real gem. Sadly, though, this book, while it looked promising, just did not fall into that category.

The first edition of the book was actually published in 1976 by Drake publishing, so it has some limited ‘historical’ interest given that Sichuan cookery books were far less common then than now. Beyond that, though, there is little in this book to make it worth the money…  Continue reading “Review: The Szechuan and Hunan cookbook”

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Review: The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen

By Grace Young

1999 Simon and Schuster Ltd.  ISBN 13: 978-0684847399

The title of this book suggests that it provides a broad overview of dishes from across China but, as we learn in the introduction and notes to the reader, the focus is almost exclusively on Cantonese cookery. It is not just a bare collection of recipes, though; Ms. Young, who grew up in a Chinese-American family, spends a lot of time introducing the reader to some of the philosophy and traditions of this particular regional cuisine…  Continue reading “Review: The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen”

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Review: Cooking from China’s Fujian Province

by Jacqueline M. Newman

2008: Hippocrene Books  ISBN-13: 978-0781811835

Most Chinese cookery books available for purchase (and most in my own collection) deal with Chinese cuisine as a whole and I like it when I come across books that specialize in a particular region. There are quite a lot of Cantonese cookbooks around, and in the last decade or so, Sichuan cookery books have become quite numerous, but this book is the first I have come across that focuses only on Fujianese cuisine.

Fujian, once known as ‘Fukien’, is a province about the size of England on China’s southeast coast right beside Guangdong (Canton). The Fujian people, like the Cantonese, also emigrated in large numbers, particularly to North America, and many have become owners of, or workers in Chinese restaurants. Despite this, one doesn’t often see restaurants that advertise themselves as specializing in, or offering Fujian cuisine. They exist, of course, and New York City seems to have a fair number, but I have yet to come across one myself. Luckily, with this book, I can do a little exploration of this interesting cuisine on my own…  Continue reading “Review: Cooking from China’s Fujian Province”

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Review: Chinese Cuisine Szechwan Style

By Lee Hwa Lin

1993:  Wei-Chuan Publishing.   ISBN-13: 978-0941676311

The Wei-Chuan Cooking School in Taiwan has its own associated publishing house that has produced a large number of cookbooks. Most deal with Chinese cookery, but there are also volumes covering several other nations such as Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and even Mexico. I like almost all of the two-dozen or so Wei-Chuan books I have purchased so far and this current volume on Sichuan cookery is one of my favorites. The format and style of all of the volumes is fairly similar and many of my comments about this one apply to the others… Continue reading “Review: Chinese Cuisine Szechwan Style”