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Daikon Dumplings

Daikon Dumplings 01

These should probably be called ‘Pork and Daikon Dumplings’ since I am also including ground pork in the filling mix but you could, if desired, omit the pork and replace it with more daikon and perhaps some onion, or other non-meat ingredients.

Today’s recipe will be for a type of dumplings known as ‘Shui jiao’ (水餃), which translates as ‘water dumplings’ and are so called because they are boiled rather than steamed or fried. I am going to be using fresh daikon but a pickled variety could easily be used and, if you don’t have daikon greens available, you can substitute with spinach, cabbage, or even kale…  Continue reading “Daikon Dumplings”

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Experiment: Boiled Lamb Dumplings – 羊肉水餃


I love dumplings of all kinds and I decided to use some of the leftover lamb from our Easter dinner to make a nice little supper for me and the wife. I have had lamb dumplings at a few different restaurants, both boiled and fried, and I generally find them a little bland. Cumin really goes well with lamb so I thought I would add some to these ones for a little extra flavor…  Continue reading “Experiment: Boiled Lamb Dumplings – 羊肉水餃”

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Review: Chinese Snacks

By Huang Su-Huei

1985: Wei-Chuan Publishing  ISBN-13: 978-0941676113

Wei-Chuan Publishing has a number of publications devoted to snacks and light dishes and this is one of the better ones. It has a very good selection of ‘small-eats’ (小吃) but potential purchasers of the book will be well warned that many of the recipes are definitely not for novices…  Continue reading “Review: Chinese Snacks”