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Review: Red Apple Restaurant

4701 Franklin Avenue, Yellowknife

Red App 1

Date of Visit: October 3, 2015


The Red Apple is fairly close to a hotel I stayed in overnight and it was handy for a quick spot of breakfast one morning, I actually ate here (again for breakfast) many, many years ago and it doesn’t look to have changed a great deal in the meantime. Still, it is a pretty good place for cheap meal… Continue reading “Review: Red Apple Restaurant”

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Review: Blue Plate Diner

10145 104 St., Edmonton – Website

Blue Plate Diner 1

Date of Visit: July 11, 2015

When I was planning my visit to Edmonton, I made a not if this place as the online menu listed a Shepherd’s Pie actually made with lamb instead of beef. I rather forgot about while exploring other places but then came across it as I was strolling through the summer Farmer’s market one morning. It was actually well over an hour until the lunch service began (and I’d had a breakfast), but the place has a number of local beers on tap and so I was happy to wait… Continue reading “Review: Blue Plate Diner”

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Review: Elgin St. Diner – Ottawa

374 Elgin Street, Ottawa – 613-237-9700 – Website

Elgin St Diner 1

Date of Visit: December 3, 2013

I don’t often eat a full breakfast when I am on culinary adventures to Ottawa (or elsewhere, for that matter) and this mostly because I prefer to only have something light in the early morning so as to save myself for lunch. On this particular occasion, I was up very early and, having spied this place on a tour of the neighborhood, I decided to give it a try… Continue reading “Review: Elgin St. Diner – Ottawa”

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Review: Mellos Diner

290 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa  (613) 241-1909 

Date of Visit: July 24, 2012

Mellos Diner is something of a fixture in Ottawa, having been in operation since 1942. I came across it while searching the internet for restaurants prior to my July trip to the capital and it wasn’t until I arrived at the place that I realized I had eaten there some 3 or 4 years ago. As on that occasion, my experience this time was fairly agreeable but not especially memorable… Continue reading “Review: Mellos Diner”

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Review: Zak’s Diner – Ottawa

14 Byward Market Square, Ottawa, (613) 241-2401 – Website

Date of Visit:  March 23, 2012

Zak’s is one of the two decent places I went for breakfast on my last trip to Ottawa. I have passed by Zak’s many times in the past but this time I wanted to try a place for breakfast other than Dunn’s, my regular spot, since, good as that place is, I just felt like something different. Zak’s, as it turned out, was a very good choice …  Continue reading “Review: Zak’s Diner – Ottawa”