Until now, my only experience with the much-vaunted Wagyu Beef was a $100 steak I had at the Cut Steakhouse and Grill in Halifax, almost 2 years ago. If you haven’t really heard of Wagyu Beef then you are in something of a diminishing minority (and may wish to read the Cut Steakhouse review) as the meat from this particular breed of cattle has achieved a certain cache in culinary circles. I was quite surprised, therefore, when I saw the above pictured ‘Wagyu Beef Burgers’ being offered for sale in the freezer section of my local supermarket.

I don’t eat commercially made burgers all that often as I prefer them homemade. I do, however, usually keep a box in my freezer for those times when I just don’t have the time or inclination to cook. I eat them on those occasions then but, if truth be told, find them generally mediocre at best. A proper burger should be all about the beef but, even those commercial varieties that tout themselves as being 100%, top quality Sirloin, or the like, usually end up having little more than a vague, generically ‘meaty’ taste to them. I was curious then, to see how these Wagyu Burgers measured up… Read More →