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Baffin Island Beef

Baffiin Island Beef 1

Today’s recipe has no particular association with Baffin Island in terms of ingredients but I have given it the name ‘Baffin Island Beef’ because I created it here on Baffin Island and I couldn’t think of anything else to call it. My whole aim here was to make a beef dish in which the meat is first marinated and braised and then served with a sauce made from the same liquid in the marinade and braising medium.

I have used Sauerbraten as my starting point but I am not trying to duplicate that dish, rather, I have departed from the basic idea in several particulars. First, I am using blade steak rather than a large pot-roast sized cut as this rather defeats the point of even a lengthy marinade (sauerbraten is usually left for 3 days) as a marinade can only penetrate so far in to meat. Secondly, in Sauerbraten, vegetables braised with the meat are strained from the cooking medium towards the end and the remaining liquid is thickened to a rich gravy with gingersnap cookies (and sometimes a little flour). Here, I plan to achieve a result that is not quite as sour and sweet as Sauerbraten (I use wine, not vinegar, no cookies and only a little sugar) and I am using a lot of vegetable in order to puree them down for the finished sauce… Continue reading “Baffin Island Beef”