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Leek Stuffed Chicken Roll

Leek Stuffed Chicken Roll B

I start lots of culinary projects with a view to publishing them on my blog at some point but, sometimes, the odd one gets put on the back burner and languishes forgotten in a directory on my computer. I have been going back though some of these recently and have found a couple I thought my readers might like to see. This first one was for a nice little appetizer I tried one day and, though I never got around to recording all the steps, or writing up a proper recipe, I am able to reproduce my original notes:

Halved Leek sections seasoned with garlic salt, pepper and butter, wrapped in Prosciutto. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes until Leek softened. Place inside a boned chicken thigh, add chopped fresh sage and roll up. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Bake until golden. Drizzle with melted red-currant jelly.

And… for the verdict I recorded?

Nice but the prosciutto was a little leathery. Bacon or Pancetta next time?  Hot Pepper Jelly might be nice here too.

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Plum Sauce Chicken


Today’s feature isn’t a traditional Chinese recipe, by any means, rather it is a quick and easy means to use up leftover roast chicken, and also as a way to employ that jar of Plum Sauce you have in your cupboard for something other than slathering over Egg Rolls.

By the way, for those not familiar, Plum Sauce is a bright orange condiment commonly arriving in small (soy sauce type) plastic packets when one orders Chinese Food for home delivery. In the US, it is often called ‘Duck Sauce’… Continue reading “Plum Sauce Chicken”

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Imperial Concubine Chicken

Imperial Concubine 1

It seems, according to Chinese culinary tradition, that some emperor or other once had a favorite mistress who enjoyed a particular chicken dish so much that it was eventually named after her. Now, it may well be that there were several such ladies, or perhaps just one with highly diverse gastronomic tastes, but there are actually several, quite different, chicken preparations which all are known as ‘Imperial Concubine Chicken’. One version, being chicken braised with rice wine, bamboo shoots and mushrooms, is the one I am preparing here today… Continue reading “Imperial Concubine Chicken”