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Hoisin Ribs

Hoisin Ribs 01

Years ago, when I lived in Woodstock, New Brunswick, there was a Chinese restaurant not far from my house. It was a very much a westernized Chinese eatery, and, in general, the food wasn’t especially remarkable, but they did a glazed rib dish on their lunchtime buffet that was always excellent. In particular, they used much longer ribs than the typical one-inch deals in the standard ‘Honey-Garlic Ribs’ and they were never cooked to the point that the meat fell apart. The glazing sauce was very simple – sweet with a nice malty background taste – and it wasn’t until a long time afterwards that I finally recognized it as being little else other than Hoisin Sauce. Today’s presentation duplicates those ribs as best as could manage. You can, of course, do a much larger batch as a main course offering, but I used a pound of nicely cut back ribs to make an appetizer, or Dim Sum type dish… Continue reading “Hoisin Ribs”