I had some braised beef leftover from another meal and I ended up using it in a type of dish l I cook for myself quite often. I decided to share it with you here as it is not only a genuinely good comfort food, it illustrates a particular method of rice cookery.

Now, I should begin by saying that, though I grew up calling this sort of meal a ‘Risotto’, it is actually more of a Pilaf. A proper Risotto is made with short-grain rice and a fair amount of hot broth is stirred in a little at a time to produce a creamy, sometimes even ‘soupy’ result. In my family, however, what we call Risotto was always made with long grain rice and was a much drier dish. The flavor was pretty much Italian, though, and we always served it with Parmesan Cheese, so, since this particular version of ‘Risotto’ has its roots in my English childhood, I am going to henceforth call it a ‘Risotto Inglese’… [Read More →