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Review: Sai Woo – Vancouver

158 East Pender Street, Vancouver

Sai Woo 1

Date of Visit: July, 2017

I was first tempted by Sai Woo because of their interesting menu. It is clearly Asian inspired, and features some traditional fare such as Cantonese Dried Shrimp Fried Rice, but the majority of the dishes are fusions of ingredients and techniques from both east and west. The place has had some good reviews but, after my visit, I was left a little underwhelmed… Continue reading “Review: Sai Woo – Vancouver”

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Keema Pie

Keema Pie 1

This dish I have been working on is something of an east-west fusion in that it incorporates a traditional Indian dish known as ‘Keema Saag’ in the basic form of the more well-known Shepherd’s Pie. Basically, ‘Keema’ is minced (ground) meat, while ‘Saag’ refers to a whole range of greens, with spinach often being used in many western renditions of Indian dishes. Here I have used both Kale and Swiss Chard with the result that you get a Shepherd’s Pie with the added spiciness of a curry, combined with a good way of getting some greens into your diet… Continue reading “Keema Pie”

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Chili Beef with Pickled Cauliflower

Chili Beef with Pickled Cauliflower 1

The Pickled Cauliflower I made a little while ago turned out quite nicely and I was interested to see how it might be used as a cooking ingredient. The dish I came up with for today’s post is something of a fusion, incorporating a little of India, China, and the American Southwest. That being said though, I’m going to save you the trouble of scrolling all the way to the end-notes and tell you right away that the result was not quite as good as I hoped… Still, some of my readers might like to see what I did and suggest how it might be improved…  Continue reading “Chili Beef with Pickled Cauliflower”

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Review: Kinki – Asian Fusion restaurant

41 York Street Ottawa  613-789-7559  Website 

Date of Visit: July 24, 2012

I first visited this place some four or five years ago. I don’t have any specific bad memories of that visit but I also can’t remember a single dish I ate either, so I would have to mark that occasion down as being unmemorable at best. On this visit to the capital I decided to give the place another try but, while it made more of an impression on me this time, it was, sadly, not a particularly favorable one… Continue reading “Review: Kinki – Asian Fusion restaurant”

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A Guest Review: Simba’s Grill – Vancouver, B.C.

825 Denman Street, Vancouver, 604-974-0649, Website

This Review was penned by my guest reviewer and wife, Darlene, who visited Simba’s Grill on February 26, 2012

No, this is not a picture of Simba (which means lion in Swahili, I believe) but I didn’t have a photograph of the restaurant as a whole so I am sharing a picture of the very pretty young lady who provided entertainment during the evening.

Simba’s Grill describes itself as an ‘East African fusion’ restaurant. I have been there before on a previous trip to Vancouver some years ago but I don’t honestly remember much about it now.  A friend visited the place a few days before I did and gave such a good report that I decided to go again. I am very glad that I did …  Continue reading “A Guest Review: Simba’s Grill – Vancouver, B.C.”