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Product Review: Tube Mustards

Tube Mustards 1

While I was shopping in Ottawa on my last visit, I went to find some of the Tomato Puree that comes in a tube as we cannot get it up here in the frozen North. I found some (a couple of different brands, actually), but I also picked up the tubes of mustard you see pictured above.

I remember having these in the house when I was a kid. Indeed, even one of the brands was familiar, and, though I really didn’t have any pressing mustard ‘needs’, as it were, I decided to grab all the sorts I saw with a view to doing a bit of comparing and contrasting… Continue reading “Product Review: Tube Mustards”

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Alsatian Hotpot

Alsatian Hotpot 01

One of the dishes on my ‘bucket list’ of ‘Foods to try in their Place of Origin’ is the incredible German-French specialty from Alsace-Lorraine known as Choucroute Garnie. This dish (more of a gargantuan feast, really) is a huge mélange of various pork products slow cooked with Sauerkraut and other vegetables. The main ingredients and flavorings can vary considerably, of course, but the unifying characteristic of the different versions is that the result is very hearty, rib-sticking sort of affair.

Today’s recipe can only be regarded as a poor cousin of the Alsatian specialty as I am doing a very small casserole type dish using just pork ribs with a little bacon for flavor. I am also departing from tradition somewhat by using sauerkraut as a secondary ingredient only. I am not using home-made sauerkraut here and, since I find that most commercial varieties are shredded so thinly they turn mush with any length of cooking, I will instead use coarsely shredded fresh cabbage augmented with some sauerkraut for added flavor. I am going to call this dish an ‘Alsatian Hotpot’ even though I admit that this name is probably a little ambitious given the rich complexity of its ancestry…  Continue reading “Alsatian Hotpot”