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Barbecued Ginger-Pineapple Back Ribs

Barbecued Ginger-Pineapple Ribs 01

One of our local stores had some lovely racks of back ribs for sale and I grabbed three packages; one for immediate use, and two more for the freezer. Not long ago, I did a post featuring my Grilled-Poached Ribs experiment wherein I slow-poached a rack of ribs in my Firepot Stock before finishing them quickly on the barbecue at high-heat. That time, I used side- ribs but for this dish I am using the much more tender back-ribs and will employ a slightly more mainstream method of slow grilling over indirect heat using wood-chips for a nice smoky flavor, and then finally caramelizing over direct flame to finish… Continue reading “Barbecued Ginger-Pineapple Back Ribs”

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Experiment: Mint Tea

My wife and I enjoy drinking tea in the evenings and have quite a comprehensive selection of different types and blends. Both mint and ginger are frequent additions, but, although we use slices of fresh ginger in the pot, thus far we have only had dried mint included in commercially produce teabags. I have been meaning to make a proper mint tea using the fresh variety for some time now and, a few days ago, I bought a small package for just that very purpose… Continue reading “Experiment: Mint Tea”

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Spice Blend: Chili Garlic Ginger Paste

Chili, Ginger and garlic, are a trio that come together in all sorts of dishes and, in Indian cookery especially, many cooks pre-make their own pastes from the ingredients and keep it on hand as a convenient time-saver. It is tremendously versatile, being used as-is or as the base for more complex Masalas, and it keeps very well indeed. Most recipes you come across suggest that it will keep anywhere from a week to a month (or longer frozen, of course) but, if a little salt (or sometimes vinegar) is added, it will last for ages. I actually have some in my fridge right now that is pushing six or eight months in age and, although the color has faded just a little it still tastes great. Still, the original fresh taste of the chili has diminished a bit and I thought it time that I made a new batch and share the process with my readers… Continue reading “Spice Blend: Chili Garlic Ginger Paste”