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Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly

Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly 1

Before leaving home on travels recently, I had a large bunch of parsley and some Jalapeno peppers that wouldn’t have survived my absence and so I decided to make a ‘herbed’ jelly with them to use as a condiment and cooking ingredient. Unfortunately, though I preserved the pictures I took of the process until my return, I couldn’t locate my notes and so the ‘recipe’ I provide is a bit general. Still, I think you will have no trouble in following the basic idea and adapting it to suit your own taste… [ Continue reading “Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly”

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Foodstuff: Freeze-dried Lemon Grass

Freeze-dried Lemon Grass 1

I have regularly had a jar of freeze-dried Chives from Litehouse™ in my cupboard for some time now and, at present, I also have jars of their Sage and Parsley as well. Those products are pretty decent, if not especially remarkable, and, when I came across a jar of their freeze-dried Lemon Grass I wanted to see if this might be a useful substitute to have on hand when the fresh article is unavailable… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Freeze-dried Lemon Grass”

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Foodstuff: Basil Paste in a Tube – Gourmet Garden™ Brand

Basil in a Tube 1

Back in October of last year, I featured a commercially produced Lemongrass Paste in a Tube by the same manufacturer as the Basil Paste you see pictured above. I am afraid I wasn’t very kind in my review of the Lemongrass as I found it a little insipid and a pretty poor substitute for the fresh article. This product, on the other hand, is far better and one I have found very useful indeed… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Basil Paste in a Tube – Gourmet Garden™ Brand”

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Foodstuff: Fenugreek Leaf (Methi)

When I saw this product in our local store, Arctic Ventures, I was very excited… I have been using dried Fenugreek leaf for years in all sorts of Indian dishes and I almost despaired of ever being able to use it in its fresh state. I have looked for it in vain on trips down south and you could have almost knocked me down with a feather when it appeared up here in Iqaluit just the other day…  Continue reading “Foodstuff: Fenugreek Leaf (Methi)”