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Notable Nosh: Jambalya (Real Cajun style?)

Nosh - Jambalaya

Quite some time ago,  I posted a version of Jambalaya  I cooked myself. My wife and I both make the dish from time to time but, until recently, I had only once had it served to me outside the home and this was at Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro , in Ottawa. That place is not a Cajun restaurant and their interpretation was not, I am afraid to say,  particularly impressive.

On my last trip to the capital, I paid a visit to Fat Tuesdays as I had long wanted to sample their ‘Oyster Po’boy’. Unfortunately, that particular delicacy still remains on my ‘bucket list’, as I discovered that the restaurant has now discontinued the item, apparently due to some sort of supply issues with the buns they used. In any event, though disappointed, I saw that Jambalaya was on the menu and, as Fat Tuesdays is most definitely a Cajun place, I decided to see what they could do with the dish… Continue reading “Notable Nosh: Jambalya (Real Cajun style?)”