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Experiment: Jellyfish and Cabbage Salad

Although I have made salads with jellyfish before, the first time I ever had one in a restaurant was in Ottawa at Ju Xiang Yuan  almost a year ago. That version consisted of jellyfish and shredded Chinese cabbage along with some slivered cucumber. It was dressed with something that the menu described as ‘Chef’s sauce’ but which, as far as I could tell, consisted only of sesame oil. All in all, it was pretty good and, for this experiment, I thought I would do something along the same lines except for using regular green cabbage and scallion along with a little Sichuan Pepper oil to augment the sesame flavor… Continue reading “Experiment: Jellyfish and Cabbage Salad”

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Foodstuff: Salted Jellyfish Shreds

Jellyfish is not something that most Canadians of non-Asian descent will have ever tried. Like a number of delicacies in Chinese cuisine, it is enjoyed not for the taste (indeed it has very little flavor) but rather for the unique consistency it possesses. To the uninitiated, the very notion of eating jellyfish is a little scary given the alien appearance of the creatures but, in fact, once you get past the initial cultural resistance to the whole idea, they are actually an interesting culinary experience and well worth the try … Continue reading “Foodstuff: Salted Jellyfish Shreds”