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Experiment: Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes

I decided to try the above experiment as it allowed me to use two ingredients that have featured in recent ‘Foodstuffs’ posts, namely Jerusalem Artichokes and Truffle Oil. I wanted to do something Italian in character with this vegetable and I very much wanted to try roasting them. Just using oil and garlic seemed to be a bit pedestrian and so I decided to perk the basic idea by using lemon zest and butter along with the Truffle oil. I only had 6 or 7 artichokes and so, of necessity, I was confined to doing just an appetizer portion. Continue reading “Experiment: Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes”

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Foodstuff: Jerusalem Artichoke

Living in Northern Canada, one quickly learns that when one sees something new in the food-store one should grab it because it may disappear quickly and, perhaps, not be available again. When I saw the little objects you see pictured above, I almost passed them by as I thought they were root ginger. It was only when I looked closer that I saw the label identifying them as Jerusalem Artichokes. I had heard of these before but I don’t believe I have ever actually seen them. Naturally, I couldn’t pass them up. Continue reading “Foodstuff: Jerusalem Artichoke”