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Keema Pie

Keema Pie 1

This dish I have been working on is something of an east-west fusion in that it incorporates a traditional Indian dish known as ‘Keema Saag’ in the basic form of the more well-known Shepherd’s Pie. Basically, ‘Keema’ is minced (ground) meat, while ‘Saag’ refers to a whole range of greens, with spinach often being used in many western renditions of Indian dishes. Here I have used both Kale and Swiss Chard with the result that you get a Shepherd’s Pie with the added spiciness of a curry, combined with a good way of getting some greens into your diet… Continue reading “Keema Pie”

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Foodstuff: Kale

Kale 1

I am something of a latecomer when it comes to using this particular vegetable. It wasn’t something that I ever recall being serve at home as a kid, and it is only within the last year or so that it has been appearing in our grocery stores with any frequency. Still, I have been remedying that situation over the last several months and, if you haven’t experienced this tasty green vegetable yet, you may wish to give it a try… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Kale”

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Kale Sautéed with Garlic

Kale is not a commonly available vegetable here in Iqaluit. I think I have only seen it two or three times in all. This week, one of our stores had packages containing very large bunches and some little bags containing just a handful of leaves. As the wife is away in Costa Rica this week, the large bunches would have been too much for me but I grabbed a small bag with the intention of doing something with an Italian flair as an accompaniment to some nice pork cutlets…  Continue reading “Kale Sautéed with Garlic”