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Culinary Chinese Anyone?

First Chinese Character

If you aren’t a native or overseas Chinese, or have never thought about learning anything about Chinese writing, the character above will likely appear as a block of meaningless scribbles… Still, I can pretty well guarantee that if you have ever eaten in a Chinese restaurant, or even passed by enough of them, this character has been seen by you many, many times.

Does that spark your curiosity at all?

Being a student of written Chinese, as it relates to food at least, I used to follow a number of, now defunct blogs, on ‘culinary Chinese’ and I have occasionally thought about doing something similar myself. The prospect, however, is a little daunting, given the already pressing heavy blog load I carry, but I would still be willing to explore this new ‘thread’ a little further if enough of my readers express some interest.

If you would like to learn a little more about how to read a Chinese menu (and maybe get the good stuff that doesn’t appear in English), please let me know and I can maybe start a new blog project. Happy New Year everyone!