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Pork Piccata

Pork Piccata 1

A while ago, Stefan, over at Stefan’s Gourmet Blog, whipped up Veal Picatta which I thought looked absolutely terrific. Basically, a Piccata is a dish of Italian origin in which thin slices of meat (chiefly veal but occasionally turkey or chicken) are sautéed and then finished of a light sauce containing white wine and (in most modern versions) lemon juice. Veal is all but impossible to come by in my neck of the woods but it struck me that the very light, lean meat from good quality boneless pork chops might work very well instead… Continue reading “Pork Piccata”

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Chili Lemon Barbecued Ribs

(NOTE: This experiment was slated to be the second use of my new gas barbecue and so was supposed to be as much about learning the characteristics of the  equipment as it is the flavorings I was working with. Unfortunately, as you will see, things did not work out that way).

There are many different approaches to barbecuing ribs; pre-cooking or not, marinating or using a dry rub, saucing during cooking or not until afterward (to name a few issues), and many people will insist that one set method is the only proper way to do things. Naturally, this is nonsense but, at some point, I would very much like to do a systematic test of the various different techniques so as to compare and contrast the different results. For this experiment, however, I am adopting a very simple approach and will simply just do a straight forward grilling at moderate heat using side-ribs that have been given a long marinade using a spicy and tangy wet-rub… Continue reading “Chili Lemon Barbecued Ribs”

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Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Although chicken was to be the main protein part of our supper on the night I cooked this dish, it was actually the accompaniment to a culinary experiment with Fiddlehead greens  I was trying at the time. I thought that a lemon and rosemary seasoning for the chicken would compliment the fiddlehead dish I had in mind and, although this is by no means a traditional Italian preparation, it is certainly one that would be at home in any Italian kitchen… Continue reading “Lemon Rosemary Chicken”

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Experiment: Steak with Lemon-Cumin Pesto

One morning, I returned home from shopping with a couple of nice, small steaks for supper. I didn’t have any particular plan in mind for cooking them but, as I was surfing some food blogs later that afternoon, I came across a lovely recipe by Jen over at The Scrumptious Pumpkin that she called ‘Grilled Sirloin with Lemon-Chive Pesto’. Now, Jen’s recipe is a lovely one, and I urge you to take a look, but I had no chives, nor pine nuts, to work with, as she did, and so I decided to substitute the chives with scallion greens and tweak the flavor a little with a little cumin… Continue reading “Experiment: Steak with Lemon-Cumin Pesto”