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Experiment: Shrimp Soup with Lime Pickle

When I featured Patak’s Lime Pickle in a ‘Foodstuffs’ post recently, I began considering various uses for the condiment and I remember thinking that the taste of it rather put me in my mind of the ‘Tom Yum Soup’ that is so popular in Thai restaurants. It struck me that this product might be useful as more than an accompaniment and might make a nice base for a similar sort of simple shrimp soup…  Continue reading “Experiment: Shrimp Soup with Lime Pickle”

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Foodstuff: Patak’s Lime Pickle

I have never been terribly fond of Lime pickle. It was often on the table as a condiment with curry when I was growing up but I didn’t usually partake. Since those days, I have had several commercial brands, and have even tried making it myself, but I have generally found that it has the same slightly ‘soapy’ taste that I associate with Cilantro. When I saw the variety put out by Patak’s at our local grocery I almost gave it a pass but then I reconsidered and decided I really ought to give it a try…  Continue reading “Foodstuff: Patak’s Lime Pickle”