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Marinated Peppers

Marinated Peppers 1

I love making home-made Roasted Peppers, especially for use as an Antipasto dish. Unfortunately, the process can be a bit time-consuming, especially peeling off the skins afterwards as this can be really fiddly.  I wanted to try doing something along the same basic lines, but without doing all the peeling and so forth, and so I decided that flash-frying strips of different sorts of bell peppers would achieve the same sort of smoky-sweet result. After marinating the strips, they could, even with the skins on, make a very nice appetizer selection (perhaps with some crusty bread and cheese), but my actual goal in preparing this batch is to use in a special  roast pork sandwich I am planning to try…  Continue reading “Marinated Peppers”

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Chimichurri Baked Chicken

Chimichurri Chicken 1

In my post about the Argentinian Chimichurri sauce for grilled meats, I noted that the preparation is also used as baste and marinade during the cooking process. Chimichurri is probably most closely associated with beef but the tangy-herbaceous notes also work very nicely with chicken. Today’s recipe would be terrific on the barbecue but, this not being the season in these parts, I am going to bake in the oven instead…  Continue reading “Chimichurri Baked Chicken”

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Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri Sauce 1

Chimichurri is an Argentinian preparation used with grilled meats. Though essentially a sauce, it is also used as a marinade and a basting mix as well as being served on top of meat at the table, or provided alongside as a dip.

Essentially, a Chimichurri consists of parsley and garlic in oil and wine vinegar but there are many other additions with oregano being widely added, as well as cilantro, chili, onion, cumin, paprika and lemon. In my version, I am cleaving fairly closely to the basic theme except that I am entirely replacing the oregano with thyme as I prefer it. I am also using a bit less vinegar than many recipes call for as I find that too much acidity overwhelms the more delicate flavors of the parsley…  Continue reading “Chimichurri Sauce”

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Nihaizu and Sanbaizu – Japanese Seasoned Vinegars

Nihaizu and Sanbaizu 1

Nihaizu and Sanbaizu are both seasoned vinegars used in Japanese cuisine, sometimes as marinades or the bases for dipping sauces, but primarily as dressings for the salad type preparations known as ‘Suomono’ or ‘Aemono’ dishes. In this post, we will be looking at both preparations together as they are very similar in composition and function, with the latte being a sweeter elaboration on the former. Since both will last almost indefinitely once prepared, and since they each can form the basis for a whole range of more complex dressings, they are extremely handy to have on hand in one’s refrigerator…  Continue reading “Nihaizu and Sanbaizu – Japanese Seasoned Vinegars”

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Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil 01

Having a jar of home-made garlic infused oil on hand is almost a must in my kitchen. You can use just a bit of the garlic in recipes that call for it (and it is so much better than the commercial varieties of chopped garlic), or you can also take only the oil for stir-frying, or adding to salad dressings, etc. I personally find using a little of both is great for the base of marinades and the like.

Making some for yourself is not difficult at all, but you do need to be a little careful as improper procedures can result in potentially harmful spoilage. Both salt and refrigeration are required if you wish to keep the preparation for any longer than a few days and, after years of doing things this way, I can happily say that I have never had any problems… Continue reading “Garlic Oil”

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Chili Lemon Barbecued Ribs

(NOTE: This experiment was slated to be the second use of my new gas barbecue and so was supposed to be as much about learning the characteristics of the  equipment as it is the flavorings I was working with. Unfortunately, as you will see, things did not work out that way).

There are many different approaches to barbecuing ribs; pre-cooking or not, marinating or using a dry rub, saucing during cooking or not until afterward (to name a few issues), and many people will insist that one set method is the only proper way to do things. Naturally, this is nonsense but, at some point, I would very much like to do a systematic test of the various different techniques so as to compare and contrast the different results. For this experiment, however, I am adopting a very simple approach and will simply just do a straight forward grilling at moderate heat using side-ribs that have been given a long marinade using a spicy and tangy wet-rub… Continue reading “Chili Lemon Barbecued Ribs”

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Experiment: Marinated Clams

I came across an interesting recipe for marinated clams in one of my Chinese cookery books recently (this one translated into both English and Spanish, as it happens). The recipe called for raw clams and used a marinade employing red chili and a fair amount of soy sauce and vinegar. I still had a package of the Mirabel Brand Pre-Cooked Frozen Clams that I used in my Clams with White Wine and Basil experiment not long ago and I thought that they might do nicely in a similar preparation as long as the marinade was a little lighter… Continue reading “Experiment: Marinated Clams”