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Grilled Melon with Prosciutto

Melon Prosciutto 1

Serving slices of Cantaloupe wrapped with thin slices of Prosciutto is a pretty well-known Italian appetizer. It is usually served cold, however, and I wanted to try doing something a little different. Wrapping all sorts of different things in Prosciutto and then grilling, baking or frying is not that uncommon, and I have used the technique in a number of posts, including: Prosciutto Wrapped Prawns, Chicken with Prosciutto and Asiago and Prosciutto Rolls stuffed with Shrimp. Fruit is sometimes given the same treatment, and for this experiment, I decided to grill prosciutto wrapped slices of cantaloupe, chill them, and then serve them as a cold appetizer along with a suitable sauce… Continue reading “Grilled Melon with Prosciutto”

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Foodstuff: Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon will not be very familiar to most Canadians unless they happen to be of Chinese or Indian descent. I see it quite regularly in stores when I visit southern Canada but, up here in the far North, such things, when they make a rare appearance, most definitely fall under the category of the exotic. I first saw Bitter Melons in one of our two local stores about four months ago and I expected, as with many exotics, that it would make a brief appearance, never to be seen again. As it happens, though, they have been on the shelves four or five times now so I suppose that they must have sold relatively well. This is somewhat surprising actually, not just because we have such a small Asian community, but because Bitter Melon very much live up to their name and are *very* much an acquired taste. Continue reading “Foodstuff: Bitter Melon”