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Culinary Chinese 101: Look me up (sometime)…

CC Look me up Sometime 1

Today’s post is not so much a lesson in written Chinese as it is just a little food for thought…  So far, in our first few posts, we have looked at the following Chinese characters:

菜 白 四 川 北 京 味

大 小 上 海 苗 燕 精 不 辣

The 7 in the first line have been examined in some detail while the remaining 9 in the second line have received only a brief mention. Thus far, the total is only 16 characters and if you are seriously following these lessons and keeping an eye out for the various characters in grocery stores or restaurants etc., you could probably print out the above two lines and keep them in your pocket for easy reference.

What will happen, though, when our vocabulary list approaches 25, 50, or even a hundred characters? I expect you can probably guess how quickly such a list would become unmanageable without some sort of method for organizing the characters in a meaningful sequence. To illustrate this, we can try a simple exercise:

Our first 7 characters listed above are printed out in the order in which we encountered them in the previous series of posts. What I would like you to do now is organize them in their ‘correct’ order…  Continue reading “Culinary Chinese 101: Look me up (sometime)…”