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Foodstuff: Kelp Noodles

Kelp Noodles 1

Kelp Noodles are…. Well, ‘noodles’ made out of Kelp. I came across this Sea Tangle™ product in Vancouver this summer and was curious to see what they would be like. My main interest is that they are supposed to be a low carbohydrate replacement for starch based pasta products, containing only 3 grams of carbohydrate in the entire 12 oz package.

The noodles are actually strips of kelp that have been ‘de-colorized’ somehow and then preserved with Sodium Alginate, a salt extracted from another type of seaweed. Water, according to the package, is the only other ingredient… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Kelp Noodles”

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Ants Climb A Tree – 蚂蚁上树

Ants Climb Tree 1

This curiously named dish, with origins in Sichuan, is a classic in Chinese cuisine. It is based on the wiry, thin Mung Bean Starch noodles (粉絲), whose transparency yields the common English names of ‘glass noodles’ or ‘cellophane noodles’. Ground meat, generally pork or beef, is cooked in a sauce and then tossed with the noodles so that the ‘grains’ of meat give the appearance (with some poetic license) of ants climbing the branches of a tree. In Sichuan, Chili Bean Paste, and sometimes chopped fresh or dried chili, is incorporated into the sauce, while in Taiwan or other parts of China, a less spicy version results from the use of the milder black or yellow bean sauces. Our version today will be of the traditional spicy, hot variety… Continue reading “Ants Climb A Tree – 蚂蚁上树”

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Fried Udon with Greens and Mushrooms

Fried Udon with Greens 1

Today’s recipe is not wildly exciting from an ingredient standpoint but it does illustrate a useful technique for cooking noodles that works especially well for the lovely thick Japanese variety known as ‘Udon’. Basically, the idea for this type of stir-fry is to do a preliminary frying of the noodles in a good amount of fat at high temperature so that they become slightly toasted on the outside. This gives them a nice crisp, chewy texture that adds a different dimension to the dish than one gets from adding the noodles only at the end. I am using rendered pork fat in this recipe as it really produces a great flavor but you can use just vegetable oil if you wish…  Continue reading “Fried Udon with Greens and Mushrooms”

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Bangkok Fried Noodles with Shrimp

Bangkok Noodles 1

Aficionados of Thai cuisine have almost certainly eaten the popular specialty known as Pad Thai at one time or another. This dish, often regarded as one Thailand’s national dishes, essentially consists of stir-fried rice noodles in a sauce that combines the flavors of sweet, sour, salty and spicy-hot. Vegetarian varieties exists but, typically, some meat or shellfish is included, as are eggs in many cases. Today’s recipe is a very loose interpretation of the basic idea as I will be using lemon juice for sourness, rather than the more common Tamarind, and the standard beansprout component is replaced with zucchini and green peppers… Continue reading “Bangkok Fried Noodles with Shrimp”

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Review: Wei’s noodle house

726 Somerset St W, Ottawa – (613) 230-6815

Wei's Noodle House 1

Date of Visit:  July 7, 2013

On a shopping trip to Ottawa’s Chinatown one Monday afternoon, I planned to hit Ju Xiang Yuan to sample a few appetizers but, unfortunately, it turned out that they are not open on that particular day of the week. Instead, I happened to spy Wei’s Noodle House, which I have never noticed before and which , I think, may be relatively new. I wasn’t especially in the mood for a large, filling noodle meal by any means but I figured they must have a few other things on the menu and decided to give the place a try… Continue reading “Review: Wei’s noodle house”

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Thai-Style Noodles – Kame™ Brand

Kame Noodles 1

When I buy pre-made noodles, they are pretty much exclusively of the dried variety. I have, a few times, bought some packaged ‘meal-in-box’ preparations, commercially made Pad Thai and the like, for example, where the noodles came pre-cooked and vacuum-packed along with little packs of seasonings and sauces for a quick and dirty snack. None, so far, have ever been worthy of trying a second time.

The other day, I came across the noodles you see pictured above. The package suggests (urges) you to cook them with Kamesauces for a quick meal (and presumably these proprietary concoctions are available for sale somewhere), but these noodles, already pre-cooked and ready for the wok, come naked and alone. I figured I would give them a test-drive and see if perhaps they might be something worth having at the back of the store-cupboard for emergency, last-minute noodle fixes… Continue reading “Thai-Style Noodles – Kame™ Brand”

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Spicy Seafood Soup Noodles

Spicy Seafood Soup Noodles 1

I like noodles well enough but I don’t make soup style noodles very often. I had been thinking of doing a vaguely Indonesian version with beef but then I decided I would try it with some of the Aquastar Brand Seafood Medley  I featured in a recent post. Rather than using one of my homemade spice blends, as I originally planned to do with the beef, I went with a Sichuan chili bean paste instead… Continue reading “Spicy Seafood Soup Noodles”

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Experiment: Steamed Rice Rolls with Shrimp Sauce

I was really hoping to do a proper ‘Cheong Fun’ Dim Sum with the some of the Rice Rolls I looked at in a recent ‘Foodstuffs’ post, but, as I wrote on that occasion, there was a bit of a difficulty unrolling these so-called ‘Intestine Noodles’.  For that first post, I tried steaming some sections of a roll in just a bit of sweetened soy along with some whole baby shrimp, This time, though, I wanted to steam larger pieces of roll in a slightly more complex and substantial sauce… Continue reading “Experiment: Steamed Rice Rolls with Shrimp Sauce”