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Review: Oyster Express – Vancouver

296 Keefer Street – Website

Oyster Express 1

Date of Visit: July, 2017

Oyster Express sits on the corner of Gore and Keefer in Vancouver’s Chinatown. It is very small and easy to miss given the minimal signage. It has seats for about 30 but, maximum capacity, it would be rather close. It is quite plain and understated in décor, but is functional and comfortable. The staff is very enthusiastic and friendly and the whole atmosphere is welcoming. The menu matches the size of the place and, aside from the raw oysters, which are listed separately according to availability, there are only 12 items. You can get steamed or fried oysters, mussels, two types of clam chowder and, should you wish it, a grilled cheese sandwich, along with a good variety of cocktails and some 23 wines. On this occasion, I came just for the oysters… [ Continue reading “Review: Oyster Express – Vancouver”

Review: The Press Gang Restaurant

5218 Prince Street – 902-423-8816 – Website

The Press Gang 01

Date of Visit: July 4, 2014


I was doing a general reconnaissance of the restaurants near to my hotel in downtown Halifax when I spied this place. The sign on the front advertised it as being an oyster bar as well as a restaurant and, fully intent on having fresh oysters at least once during my trip, I had to investigate further. Unfortunately, the place was not yet open but I was met just inside the door by a person I took to be an owner who advised me, almost apologetically, that service did not start until 5pm. He told me the selection of fresh oysters available that day and I promised to return. I did, that very same evening, and ended up having a terrific meal… Continue reading “Review: The Press Gang Restaurant”

Review: Oyster Shack Restaurant – Montreal

1242 Rue Bishop, Montreal – 514-395-1888 – Website

Oyster Shack 1

Date of Visit: January 16, 2014

I came across the website for this place a couple of years ago and made a note of it as somewhere I would like to try. In past trips to Montreal, I never managed to make it for one reason or another and I ended up forgetting about it. Just recently however, during a brief visit to the city, I happened to stumble across it while strolling in the area around my hotel and I stopped by for a leisurely lunch…  Continue reading “Review: Oyster Shack Restaurant – Montreal”

Review: Whalesbone Restaurant

430 Bank St., Ottawa – (613) 231-8569 – Website

Whalesbone 1

Date of Visit: March 13, 2013

Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster & Fish Supply not only maintains a retail seafood outlet that supplies oysters and other maritime delicacies to restaurants around Ottawa, it also operates a very nice little restaurant (the ‘Oyster House’) downtown on Bank street. I visited there for dinner one evening a couple of years ago and, on my last trip to the city, I made a reservation for lunch. The current lunch menu, as opposed to the dinner menu, is a bit limited, consisting of two sorts of salad, fish and chips, chowder or a steamed mussels, but that didn’t matter to me as I was going for the oysters…

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Review: Luxe Bistro – Ottawa

47 York Street, Ottawa, (613) 241-8805 – Website

Date of Visit: March 21, 2012

I had planned to visit Luxe Bistro on a trip to Ottawa in 2011 but was prevented from doing so by lack of time. On my most recent visit to the capital, I made this restaurant a priority and booked a table for 7pm on the first evening of my stay.

As luck would have it, I developed a bit of a nasty chest cold just before leaving home and I arrived in the city, a mere two hours before my booking, in a rather frazzled condition after an especially trying three hour flight seated behind a constantly crying baby. Admittedly, this is hardly the best frame of mind in which to do a restaurant review but, as it turned out, aside from a limited ability to properly savor the wine, I ended up enjoying a pretty decent dining experience…  Continue reading “Review: Luxe Bistro – Ottawa”

Review: La Queue de Cheval – Montreal

1221 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, Montreal –  Website

MOVED TO: 1181 Rue del la Montagne

Date of Visit: January 5, 2012

I had long wanted to visit La Queue de Cheval ever since seeing their website and I have to say that my evening there was a memorable, if rather expensive experience. I have seen a number of reviews describing the place as over-priced for what you get but I really didn’t feel that way at all. I had a delicious and well-prepared meal with attentive service in very pleasant surroundings and, really, what more can you ask than that?  Continue reading “Review: La Queue de Cheval – Montreal”

Review: Metropolitain Brasserie – Ottawa

700 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario – (613) 562-1160 – Webpage

Date of Visit: August 16, 2011

Ambience and Service

I arrived in the early evening at around 6pm or so. It was a very warm evening and the outside patio was crowded whilst the inside was almost empty. I initially found a seat on the patio but there were skateboarders playing around on the concrete steps beside the patio and their noise became very annoying after a few minutes and I moved inside. I was given a seat that was right in the open doorways to the patio and thus I was able to enjoy the best of both worlds. The waiter who served me was friendly and garrulous and generally knowledgeable about the menu. The drinks came very quickly all evening but the food orders were quite slow to arrive. Continue reading “Review: Metropolitain Brasserie – Ottawa”