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Squid Pakora

Pakoras are an Indian snack consisting of various vegetables, and sometimes meats, mixed with a batter (most commonly made with chick-pea flour) and then deep fried. I have never before seen squid being used in any of my Indian recipe books (at least not for pakoras) and I am departing from tradition by using a combination of wheat and rice flour for this experiment. My creation is actually quite similar to Korean preparations but the spice usage is definitely Indian in spirit and so I am giving them the Indian name… Continue reading “Squid Pakora”

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Experiment: Tindora Pakora

Pakora are Indian snacks made with vegetables and sometimes chicken or other meats. These are deep fried in a batter most commonly made with Besan (chick-pea flour), and, usually, with added spices. Vegetable Pakora are the most common type and the vegetables can either be a single vegetable in chunks, or one can use a variety of different veggies that are shredded and mixed before being dunked in the batter. These same snacks, especially the variety with shredded or chopped vegetables, are also known as ‘Bhaji’, but this word also refers to another totally different type of Indian dish so I have elected to call my experiment by the more common name, Pakora. Continue reading “Experiment: Tindora Pakora”