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Chinese Scallion Pancakes

Scallion Pancakes are a regular offering in Dim Sum restaurants. In Chinese they are called 蔥油餅 (Pinyin: cōng yóu bing), which translates as ‘Scallion Oil Cake’. I often order them when I am dining out, but I also make them at home quite frequently.

The typical scallion cake is basically a simple hot water dough incorporating sliced green onions that is then rolled in layers with some sort of oil or fat to achieve a characteristic flakiness. Beyond that, the essential recipe really only varies by the thickness of the finished cake and the amount of fat used in the final cooking. Some are a centimeter or so in thickness and really quite oily, but I prefer mine rolled fairly thin and pan fried with just a little fat… Continue reading “Chinese Scallion Pancakes”

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Green Onion Pancake with Squid (Pajeon)

I hadn’t planned to do any recipe posts whilst only days away from my upcoming house move as my kitchen is in a bit of disarray, but when I put together this nice little supper for me and my wife I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

Basically, the main feature of our supper is a type of Korean pancake known as ‘Pajeon’. Some are quite simple and contain just green onions, but others are more complex and can contain all sorts of other ingredients, with squid being a very common addition. There are many variations involving both the ingredients and the process, but this experiment will give you a good idea of the general theme… Continue reading “Green Onion Pancake with Squid (Pajeon)”