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Fried Potato Patties

Potato Patties 1

I occasionally make ‘Latke‘ style potato pancakes for breakfasts or brunches. They are very nice but they are also a bit of a pain to make. After grating the raw potatoes, they need to be vigorously squeezed to remove excess water, care has to be taken to form them so they aren’t straggly nests of loose shreds, and they can’t be too thick or the middles end up being partially raw. One Saturday, I decided to change the routine a little and use pre-cooked potatoes instead… Continue reading “Fried Potato Patties”

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Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback 1

I came across this interesting idea at ‘Cutedogsandhugs’, but, after doing a bit of research, I discovered all sorts of different varieties on the Internet. The name sounds vaguely German but once source I came across claims that the creation was spawned at a restaurant in Stockholm.

The basic idea is to roast potatoes, cut as you see above, after filling the slits with a variety of ingredients. Some versions, as the one at ‘Cutedogsandhugs’, are simple, involving nothing more than a little oil, garlic, salt, and pepper, but others are far more complex and can use such things as cheese, bacon bits, or fresh herbs. Tonight, I needed an accompaniment to some lamb chops and I decided to play around with  the basic theme in a fairly simple sort of way… Continue reading “Hasselback Potatoes”

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Recipe: Champ

 Now, this really isn’t a recipe I expect any of my readers to rush right out and try but some of you, especially those of Irish descent, may find it interesting. ‘Champ’ is a rustic dish native to Northern Island that consists of little more than mashed potatoes mixed with green onions (scallions) and then served with lots of butter and salt. It’s the sort of concoction that would go very nicely as a side dish with a roast and other veggies, but its roots lie very much in the poorer corners of Ulster and many families would have made a whole meal of it. Nowadays, of course, it is eaten more for its appeal as a comfort food and it is a treat that I enjoy it very much. My wife, perhaps because she lacks any Irish blood, is not really keen on mashed potatoes in any form, but since she is away out of the country as I write this, I have whipped up a batch to enjoy alone… Continue reading “Recipe: Champ”

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Experiment: Drumstick Potato Masala

When I introduced Drumsticks in a ‘Foodstuff’s’ post, I suggested that I might try a recipe from Orissa I found in one of my cookery books as a first experiment. When I looked at that recipe again, however, it struck me as a little bit boring so I decided to improvise a little. I went ahead and paired my drumsticks with potato as in the original recipe but then I opted for a much drier, less ‘saucy’ dish and gave things a bit of a Bengali flavor… Continue reading “Experiment: Drumstick Potato Masala”

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Experiment: Spicy Roast Potatoes and Peppers

I put this dish together as an accompaniment to my Haldi Chicken, which I featured in another ‘Experiments’ post. In keeping with the Indian ‘spirit’ of that dish, I tried to select a spice blend that would complement the flavors of the chicken and, since the chicken seasoning was quite mild, I decided to ‘fire up’ the spice blend for the potatoes with a little chilli… Continue reading “Experiment: Spicy Roast Potatoes and Peppers”

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Recipe: My Mother’s Potato Salad

Recently, when I featured Heinz Salad Cream in a ‘Foodstuffs’ post, I promised that I would share two family recipes that always use this product. The first of these is for a potato salad that I first learned from my mother and have been making myself for many, many years. It is instant ‘comfort food’ for me and couldn’t be simpler to prepare… Continue reading “Recipe: My Mother’s Potato Salad”