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Spicy Bagoong Prawns

Spicy Bagoon Prawns 1

Almost five years ago now, I posted a recipe for a Prawn Curry that was my take on a dish I first ate as a small child. That dish, mostly Indian in character, incorporated Belacan to enhance the rich prawn flavour and used tomato to make a thick sauce. Today, I am using some lovely giant prawns to make something similar, except that I am using Filipino Bagoong instead of the fermented dried shrimp paste, and producing a result that is less a ‘curry’ than a spicy, stir-fried dish… [ Continue reading “Spicy Bagoong Prawns”

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Prawn Curry

Back when I was 8 or 9 years old, my father took me to an Indian restaurant in London and I remember having a curry of giant prawns in a lovely hot curry sauce. Even now, over 40 years later I can still recall the taste of it quite vividly and have tried many times over the years to duplicate it. As I mentioned in my ‘Foodstuff’s’ post featuring Patak’s Hot Curry Paste, it was only using this very nice Masala that I was ever able to come close to that delicious taste I remember from all those years ago. Patak’s has changed the makeup of their paste a couple of times since I first used it (in fact, I currently have two jars that are clearly made using a different recipes), so I will be interested to see how the newest variety works in this experiment… Continue reading “Prawn Curry”

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Experiment: Prosciutto wrapped Prawns

I had some nice slices of Prosciutto in my fridge and I rather thought about wrapping them around slices of pear or melon to make a little appetizer. However, I also had some Jumbo Prawns that really needed to get used before they became freezer-burned and so I decided to combine the two. I have seen quite a few recipes for Prawns wrapped with Prosciutto (sometimes serve cold, sometimes grilled or baked) and I thought that I might play with the basic idea using cheese and fresh sage… Continue reading “Experiment: Prosciutto wrapped Prawns”