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Review: NWT Brewing Company

3905 Franklin Avenue, Yellowknife, Website

NW Brewing 1

Date of Visit – April, 2017

The NWT Brewing Company has the distinction of the being Canada’s most northern brewery. I found it on-line just before a recent visit to Yellowknife and made it a point to visit so that I could sample their various brews. Their web-site only listed four varieties but it turns out they make quite a few more. As they also have a pub that serves food, I decided to make an afternoon of it… Continue reading “Review: NWT Brewing Company”

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Review: The Kilt and Castle – Yellowknife, NWT

5019 49th St., Yellowknife – Facebook

Kilt and Castle 1

Date of Visit: October, 2015


I first saw this place in September of this year and I was surprised I had not noticed it before until I learned that it had just opened a month earlier. I didn’t get to stop by on that particular trip to Yellowknife but, on my next, I was able to visit twice and had both a good meal a very nice time… Continue reading “Review: The Kilt and Castle – Yellowknife, NWT”

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Review: Craft Beer Market

10013 101A Ave. NW, Edmonton – Website

Craft Beer Market 1

Date of Visit: July 12, 2015

I spent a pleasant few hours at this establishment one afternoon, not merely because it is a nice place, but because they boast an impressive 100 different beers on tap. I noted, during that visit, that they do a brunch on Sundays and so I made a point of checking it out on the second to last day of my vacation… Continue reading “Review: Craft Beer Market”

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Review: Rose and Crown Pub

10235 101 St., Edmonton – Website

Rose and Crown 1

Date of Visit: July 9, 2015

I arrived at this place after a 3 minute walk from my hotel on a very, very hot afternoon. Within minutes of being seated, I discovered that the establishment is owned by the same group, and has exactly the same drink and food menu, as the Sherlock Holes Pub I visited the day before. I was a little bit disappointed by this but it was over 30 degrees outside and I decided to stay… Continue reading “Review: Rose and Crown Pub”

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Review: The Underground Tap and Grill

10004 Jasper Ave., Edmonton – Website

Underground Grill 1

Date of Visit: July 7, 2015

I found this place on the internet and, while I probably wouldn’t have been attracted by the menu especially, I saw that they offer 72 beers on tap. I love sampling different brews and I thought that I could spend a pleasant few hours doing so and also see what they could do for a nice supper as well… Continue reading “Review: The Underground Tap and Grill”

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Review: The Lieutenant’s Pump – Ottawa

361 Elgin Street, Ottawa – 613-238-2949 – Website

Lieutenants Pump 1

Date of Visit: December 4, 2013

I have planned to visit this place ever since I first saw it from the nearby, but now defunct, Big Daddy’s Crab Shack. As it happened, it was only on this last trip to Ottawa that I finally got around to it  but I am happy to report that the visit  was worth the wait…  Continue reading “Review: The Lieutenant’s Pump – Ottawa”

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Review: Izakaya – Ottawa

339 Elgin Street, Ottawa – 613-627-4140 – Website

Izakaya 1

Date of Visit: December 1, 2013

Calling a restaurant ‘Izakaya’ is a bit like calling one ‘Bistro’, as an Izakaya is a Japanese style of Pub-cum-Restaurant that specializes in small plate dishes much as in the Spanish tradition of a Tapas Bar.  I love this sort of dining experience, preferring to graze rather than sit down to trencherman sized meals usually, and I was looking forward to visiting this place when I first saw that it had opened in the same location as the now defunct Big Daddy’s Crab Shack. After looking at the online menu, I decided that it was either likely to be really great or really awful but, in the event, I found it was somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t exactly great, to be sure, but I enjoyed myself and had a pretty decent dining experience …  Continue reading “Review: Izakaya – Ottawa”

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Review: Fox and Feather Pub – Ottawa

283 Elgin Street, Ottawa – 613-233-2219 – Website

Fox and Feather 1

Date of Visit: December 2, 2013

I have visited this place many times in the past but the last occasion must have been nearly seven or eight years ago. I do recall that I ate there on at least one previous visit but I cannot honestly remember much of the meal and so, as I happened to be staying nearby on my latest trip to Ottawa,, I decided to see if the place was as generally pleasant as I remember…  Continue reading “Review: Fox and Feather Pub – Ottawa”

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Review: Sam’s Monkey Tree Pub and Restaurant

483 Range Lake Rd, Yellowknife – 867-920-4914 – Website

Sam's Monkey Tree 1

Date of Visit: August 1, 2013

When I first saw the outdoor sign for Sam’s I thought it must be a family restaurant but it is, in fact, primarily a pub with food. After a rather mediocre experience at the nearby ‘Hot Shots Pub and Grub’ the night before, this place turned out to be very pleasant and well worth the visit… Continue reading “Review: Sam’s Monkey Tree Pub and Restaurant”