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Salted Radish Banchan

Salted Radish Banchan 1

If you have eaten at a Korean restaurant you will recognize ‘Banchans’ as being the small (usually free) side dishes that accompany the main meal. Cabbage Kimchi is a standard offering but there are many others and I tend to rate a restaurant on the number and variety of selections provided.

Today’s offering is not an actual Korean recipe (to the best of my knowledge) but the combination of Preserved Salted Radish along with Gochujang chilli paste makes it a pretty good fit to the basic theme… Continue reading “Salted Radish Banchan”

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Omelet with Salted Radish and Conpoy

Omelet with Preserved Radish and Compoy 1

This omelettes, or egg-cakes, picture here contain Preserved Radish and Conpoy and are thus quite Chinese in character, although I don’t know if this particular combination has actually ever been tried before. I had first thought of serving them with the typical ‘brown sauce’ that was once common on westernized versions of ‘Egg Foo Yung’ but, instead, I went a little Japanese and just drizzled them with a little ‘Eel Sauce’, sweet condiment rather like Chinese Oyster Sauce, that one often encounters topping the Japanese ‘pizza’ known as Okonmiyaki. If this is not something you have on hand, you could substitute a little Oyster Sauce with a little rice wine and sugar added… Continue reading “Omelet with Salted Radish and Conpoy”

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Chicken stir-fried with Radish Greens

Chicken with Radish Greens 01

The following dish was inspired by a recipe I came across in one of my Chinese cookbooks in which slices of chicken breast are stir-fried with a variety of watercress in a light sauce of thickened chicken stock. As part of my wife’s summer green-house project, she interspersed some of her primary crops with fast-growing radishes (both white and red), and, when she needed to thin some of these out, I decided to use the greens to do a similar, but somewhat modified, version of the aforementioned original…  Continue reading “Chicken stir-fried with Radish Greens”

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Foodstuff: Daikon

Daikon 01

For many people, daikon is largely only familiar as the small pile of glistening white shreds artfully added as a garnish to plates of sashimi or sushi. This is a shame, though, as the giant white member of the radish family,’ Daikon’ in Japanese,’ Mooli’ in India and ‘Lobok’ to the Cantonese, is a very versatile vegetable and well worth incorporating into one’s regular menu.

Today’s post will not only allow us to take a look at this useful foodstuff, but will also allow me to share with you an update of my wife’s (now concluded) Greenhouse Project …  Continue reading “Foodstuff: Daikon”

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Roast Radishes

Roast Radish 01

This isn’t much of a post today… just a little note about something I tried recently.

I have posted about Roast Vegetables before and, indeed, I love all sorts of produce done this way as it develops flavors that just don’t come out with other cooking methods. The other day, I wanted to roast potatoes and a few other things to go with steak and did a search of the fridge to see what I could add. I would have like to include some carrots but my wife is really not a fan and so I hit on the idea of throwing in a few red radishes to the blend. Basically, on the assumption that radishes would take the same roasting time as potatoes, carrots or other root vegetables, I just tossed them in the same herbed and seasoned oil as my potatoes, and popped them into a 400 degree oven (the orange bell pepper you can see in the mix was added a bit later).

Now I should point out here that, after trying it, I ‘googled’ the idea and discovered I wasn’t the first to come up with the idea by any means. Still, I thought that it might turn out nicely and it definitely was a treat. The normal sharpness of fresh radishes mellows into a real sweetness and adds a component to the typical roast vegetable dish that is unique. If you would like to try this yourself, I recommend using fresh rosemary sprigs in the mix as I did. Enjoy…