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Review: Steak Modern – Ottawa

87 Clarence Street Ottawa, Ontario (613) 695-8787 – Webpage

Date of Visit: August 17, 2011

Ambience and Service

I probably would not normally be drawn to this place but I wanted to see how their rib steak stacked up against other steakhouses in the city. I did not see much of the inside of the restaurant as I arrived about 7:30pm and it was already quite crowded. It was a warm night and I eventually got seated outside on the patio. The seat they gave me wasn’t bad; it had a good view but it was right beside the entrance into the building and was thus in quite a high traffic area. The crowd was mostly twenty and thirty-somethings and it was clear that the ambience had been geared to that demographic. The wine list, for example, listed red-wines as ‘red-heads’ and sparkling wines as ‘bubble-heads’. The greet-staff and waiters were generally friendly and pretty efficient on the whole. The service was a bit slow at times but not terribly so given the crowd that evening. Continue reading “Review: Steak Modern – Ottawa”

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Review: Empire Grill, Ottawa

47 Clarence St., Ottawa, Ontario – (613) 241-1343Webpage

Date of Visit: August 15, 2011

Ambience and Service

I arrived at about 7:30pm on a Monday night. It was very humid and there was thunder in the air. I was given a nice seat outside on the deck right by the sidewalk and was able to enjoy a slight breeze. It began to rain after a bit and umbrellas were put up which actually added a sort of coziness to the experience. The outside and inside were both filled to about half-capacity when I arrived, which seemed quite full for that time of the week. The service overall was very friendly and helpful and I didn’t have to wait for any longer than seemed reasonable for the crowd. The waitress who looked after me for the whole evening was quite knowledgeable about the food and drinks and even ventured some suggestions on the wine. Continue reading “Review: Empire Grill, Ottawa”

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Review: Al’s Steakhouse, Ottawa

327 Elgin St., Ottawa, Ontario – (613) 233-7111 – Website

Date of Visit: February 5, 2011

Ambience and Service

Al’s is plain but tastefully decorated and well laid out. I attended on a Wednesday night and the place was full to the point of being a bit too crowded. I was given a small table near the front of the restaurant and close to the front doors. This had a nice view of Elgin St. but was uncomfortably close to a very high staff and patron traffic area. I would very much have preferred to have been seated somewhere else. Continue reading “Review: Al’s Steakhouse, Ottawa”

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Review: Hy’s Steakhouse – Ottawa

170 Queen Street, Ottawa – (613) 234-4545 – Webpage

Date of visit: February 4, 2011

Ambience and Service

Hy’s is very ornately decorated and furnished and is perhaps best described as theatrically grand.  It has an imposingly high- ceilinged Grand-Salon sort of dining room with a separate barroom and cloakroom. I did not go into the bar area but it looked to be fairly nicely appointed from the outside. The nicest feature of the dining room is a sort of glass gazebo, which houses an impressive kettledrum shaped grill. Patrons seated nearby to the structure can watch different cuts of meat being expertly, and even flamboyantly, grilled to order. I was at a one of the tables closest to the grill gazebo but my location also in a high traffic area right beside the main kitchen doors. This definitely detracted from my dining pleasure to a noticeable degree. Although the room is large and was seated almost to capacity, I recall that there was no intrusive ‘dull-roar’ of conversation or any service related noises. I also have no recollection of any irritating background music or muzak. Continue reading “Review: Hy’s Steakhouse – Ottawa”