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Fried Rice with Swiss Chard

This is not an especially exciting dish, but it is one that I cooked frequently last year when we had huge amounts of Swiss Chard from our yield at the Iqaluit Community Greenhouse. I made plenty of different dishes with the chard from that particular harvest, but cooking it in fried rice was a good way of using it up when I ran out of other ideas. This year, our yield was pretty meager but time constraints, which I won’t bore you with, have meant I need to use the batch very quickly and so I am going to reproduce one of my last year’s fried rice recipes for you in this post. As I say, it is not a wildly exciting dish, but it illustrates a really good way of getting some greens into the diet of those who can otherwise take or leave them…  Continue reading “Fried Rice with Swiss Chard”

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Rice with Turmeric Paste

The rice dish I am cooking here is largely the same as one I cook fairly often except that, instead of Turmeric powder, I am using the Turmeric Paste I made a month ago. Actually, the whole point of this experiment is to see how well the paste fared under storage. I promised in my original post that I would update you on the continuing quality, and this dish will be the test… Continue reading “Rice with Turmeric Paste”

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Experiment: Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a dish people generally associate with the Cajun cuisine of Louisiana. I gather, however, that it probably originated in the Caribbean, although the name may actually be French, having its roots in a Provencal word meaning a mish-mash, or mélange of various ingredients. Whatever the truth of the matter, it is one of those concoctions that has many variations, with the basic theme being rice cooked with meat (most commonly chicken), spicy sausage, and seafood. It is a dish that I have cooked countless times, it being amongst my favorite types of meal, and about the only thing I can say with certainty about my efforts is that no two are ever exactly the same… Continue reading “Experiment: Jambalaya”

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Foodstuff: Patel Brand Peas Pulav

Greetings folks… not a wildly exciting post today, but my wife and I decided to try a few of some pre-cooked Indian dishes by the Patel company that recently appeared in one of our stores. Although both of us prefer cooking Indian food from scratch, we were rather curious about these and wanted to see what they were like. Some have been excellent and some were, not to put too fine a point on it, quite terrible, so I thought I might share our experiences so you can decide whether you want to try them for yourselves… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Patel Brand Peas Pulav”