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Oven Baked Indian Rub Ribs

Indian Rub Ribs 1

My wife confessed to a hankering for ribs and I was happy to oblige her. I was feeling a little adventurous though and so, instead of one of my standard preparations I decided to play around with a vaguely Indian blend involving of Cumin, Coriander, and the maple-warmth of Fenugreek Seed . I am calling the result ‘Indian Rubs’ and, though it needs a little work, perhaps some of you might like to play with the basic theme… Continue reading “Oven Baked Indian Rub Ribs”

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Chili Lemon Barbecued Ribs

(NOTE: This experiment was slated to be the second use of my new gas barbecue and so was supposed to be as much about learning the characteristics of the  equipment as it is the flavorings I was working with. Unfortunately, as you will see, things did not work out that way).

There are many different approaches to barbecuing ribs; pre-cooking or not, marinating or using a dry rub, saucing during cooking or not until afterward (to name a few issues), and many people will insist that one set method is the only proper way to do things. Naturally, this is nonsense but, at some point, I would very much like to do a systematic test of the various different techniques so as to compare and contrast the different results. For this experiment, however, I am adopting a very simple approach and will simply just do a straight forward grilling at moderate heat using side-ribs that have been given a long marinade using a spicy and tangy wet-rub… Continue reading “Chili Lemon Barbecued Ribs”

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Experiment: Beef Ribs with Black Cardamom

Ever since I posted my Oven Barbecued Beef Ribs ‘Experiment’ a while ago, I wanted to cook Beef ribs again as they were so delicious on that occasion. This time, though, I used a few more ribs because the last time the little rack I cooked wasn’t quite enough. The other reason I wanted to revisit the dish is because I wanted to experiment with a different sort of rub that included Black Cardamom as this really lends a lovely smoky taste to beef… Continue reading “Experiment: Beef Ribs with Black Cardamom”

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Experiment: Oven ‘Barbecued’ Beef Ribs

 I am not a huge fan of beef ribs, usually. I often find them too fatty… especially the short rib cut.  However, these nice long, lean ones you see above are the ‘Prime Rib’ variety and, since they don’t appear in our stores very often, I just had to grab a few for supper.

Lately, I have been having a bit of a hankering for barbecue but, sadly, ‘tis not yet the season here in the North and, since my last cookout fiasco, I need to buy a new barbecue unit before I can do the real thing once again. Accordingly, I decided to cook these ribs in the oven with a nice barbecue rub made right here in my kitchen…  Continue reading “Experiment: Oven ‘Barbecued’ Beef Ribs”