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Broccoli Rabe with Sausage and Peppers

Broccoli Rabe with Sausage and Peppers 1

A while ago, I saw a picture of a vegetable dish comprised of Broccoli Rabe sauteed with red pepper and garlic that looked interesting and I mentally filed away the idea for latter use. Later, when I was researching Broccoli Rabe for my post of two days ago, I saw a note in the Wikipedia entry for Rapini (by which name the vegetable is also known) which mentioned that it is sometimes sauteed with garlic and chili and then served with sausages in a sandwich. Today’s dish is a vaguely Italian preparation inspired by both of the above…

To make today’s dish, I first baked some sausage (Hot or Sweet Italian ones would be great but I just used some Bratwurst I happened to have on hand), and then I sliced them after letting them cool.  Then I sauteed a little minced onion in my Homemade Garlic Oil and added some blanched Broccoli Rabe. The sausage slices came next and, once heated through, I put in some slices of my own Spicy Pickled Bell Pepper. Finally, I rounded out everything with just little tomato sauce and served it all hot with some grated Parmesan. This was a great lunch…

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Foodstuff: Lamb Sausage


In the last few months, the availability and variety of lamb products has expanded tremendously up here on Baffin Island. Lamb has never traditionally been a widely popular meat in Canada and I attribute the new increased demand to signal a shift in the demographic. There has been a Mosque here in Iqaluit for about a year now and, since I haven’t noticed any sudden influx of Australians or Greeks of late, I rather think that the noticeably increased numbers of immigrants from the Middle East has brought about this welcome change.

Anyway, in addition to some other lamb products, there is a new line of packaged items produced under the name LÄM, a registered trademark of the ‘Canadian Lamb Producers Co-operative’. The website for the cooperative lists their products as being Burgers, Sausages, Kabobs and Meatballs, and, thus far, I have seen the first three of these available locally. I mean to try the Burgers and Kabobs in due course but, today, I am going to try out the Sausage… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Lamb Sausage”

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Notable Nosh: Chicken Pineapple Rum Sausage

Chicken Pineapple Rum Sausage

I recently came across these rather curious sounding sausages and couldn’t pass them up. They are made by a company with the very singular name ‘Spolumbo’s’ and I don’t think I’ve yet seen a more interesting combination.

The sausages came three to a pack so I grilled them up and made two ‘hot dog’ type dealies and then sliced up the third so my wife and I could try it without any other flavors getting in the way. The sausage was actually pretty good but we both agreed that there was no hint of either rum or pineapple in the meat but that it was obviously chicken rather than the more common beef or pork. Curiously, the flavor reminded me very much of roast chicken with a mildly herbed stuffing.

I can’t say I was ‘wowed’ by the experience especially, but I would buy them again sometime as the ‘hot dogs’ I made were very nice. I grilled the inside surfaces of the buns and then brushed them with garlic infused olive oil, slathered on some hot English mustard and then topped off the whole with chopped pickled banana peppers mixed with parsley. It was a great combo…

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Notable Nosh: Gio Brand™ Spanish Deli Sampler

Spanish Sampler 1

Just the other day, out local Co-op started stocking a whole range of deli meats and cheeses all packaged under the Gio trademark, which, I discovered is associated with Daniele Foods of Pascoag, Rhode Island. As you can see, the Spanish Deli sampler package I ended up buying contains Salchichon, which I have never heard of, Serrano Ham, which I have heard of but never tried, and Chorizo, of which I have eaten many varieties. To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting too much from a vacuum-sealed deli product but, aside from the fact that the purportedly self-seal package ripped badly on opening (thus rendering it un-sealable), I was very impressed and pleasantly surprised indeed… Continue reading “Notable Nosh: Gio Brand™ Spanish Deli Sampler”

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The Sunday Gravy Experiment Part 6- Spicy Sausages

DAY 21: Our last use of the gravy was for a Simmered Pork Roast back on Day 10. I left home on court circuit just after that but my wife re-heated the sauce on Days 14 and 18 during my absence to keep it fresh….

Our first real experiment in the Sunday Gravy Project was too cook up a batch of Sausages and Meatballs to serve with pasta back on Day 4. After making the traditional Italian pasta feast, we had quite a few sausages and meatballs left, which were subsequently put to various interesting uses, but the last two meatballs ended up being sliced and used on sandwiches. I have to say that I was very impressed with the dense texture of the balls and the way they sliced so nicely (much like cured, store-bought sausage) and it gave me an idea… I decided to try and use a similar, but much spicier, meatball blend to try and make skinless ‘sausages’ that could I could slice as a sort of cold cut, or even use hot for breakfast or in other dishes. The beauty of this, of course, is that, not only will we end up with nice sausage to use, but, by cooking it as part of the ongoing project, we will also add a whole other layer of flavor to the gravy… Continue reading “The Sunday Gravy Experiment Part 6- Spicy Sausages”

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The Sunday Gravy Experiment Part 4- Meatballs and Sausages

NOTE: I just noticed that this will be the 100th recipe experiment posted here at Sybaritica. I probably should have done something commemorative but I am trying to pre-post a whole bunch of previously written materials before travelling…

DAY 4 – Well, Part 3 of this ongoing project was creating a nice tomato sauce base incorporating the meat stock made a few days before. I completed the sauce-making three days ago and now, on day 4, it is time to actually transform our sauce into a real Sunday Gravy by cooking our first batch of meat in it. Different meats will be used as time goes by but, for the first meal I will be cooking the very traditional additions of sausages and homemade meatballs… Continue reading “The Sunday Gravy Experiment Part 4- Meatballs and Sausages”