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Notable Nosh: Dry Soda – Cucumber and Juniper Berry

Dry Soda 1

I saw an interesting new line of soft-drinks in our local Co-op recently. They have only just put in an appearance in these latitudes but I suspect they have been on the shelves in southern Canada for considerably longer by this time.  The word ‘Dry’ on the label does not, as I first thought, indicate the relative sweetness of the contents (as in a ‘dry wine’), but rather that the beverages are produced by the Dry Soda Company, operating out of Seattle, Washington. The corporate website does, however, does make much of the fact that these low calorie drinks (products range from 45 to 70 calories per bottle) are made keeping ‘the pure cane sugar to a minimum’ and thus the company name may have been appropriately and descriptively chosen.

Anyway, there are apparently seven products in the line, being: Wild Lime, Lavender, Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Juniper Berry, Vanilla Bean and Cucumber. Our Co-op had 6 of these (I didn’t see the Lime variety), and I decided to bring a couple of the more interesting flavors home one afternoon so that my wife and I could do a little taste test of our own… Continue reading “Notable Nosh: Dry Soda – Cucumber and Juniper Berry”