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Octopus Stew

Octopus Stew 1

I had in mind to make myself an octopus stew and, in reviewing all sorts of recipes, I saw a remarkable commonality in theme in dishes hailing from Greece, Malta, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The basic dish, is octopus stew in a tomato base, generally with wine. Olives, and sometimes capers, are frequent additions and many incorporate potatoes. Today’s preparation is an amalgam of many dishes I saw… Continue reading “Octopus Stew”

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Hunter’s Hotpot (with Pork Shoulder)

Hunter's Hotpot 1

The rather grand-name for this little dish I put together obviously doesn’t signify a composition using the yield of the hunt, rather it just means that I took the Italian Cacciatora style preparation as my inspiration. Still, when you cook pork with red wine the effect can be rather like the taste of wild boar so perhaps the name isn’t too outlandish after all… Continue reading “Hunter’s Hotpot (with Pork Shoulder)”

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Pork Rendang

Pork Rendang 1


A while ago, my blogging friend Stefan over at Stefan’s Gourmet Blog featured a very complex and interesting recipe for a Beef Rendang that is well worth a look. For those unfamiliar with the basic dish, it is essentially a dry curry made chiefly with beef (and occasionally with chicken), in which the meat is cooked with a spice paste and coconut milk very slowly until almost all the liquid is absorbed and the oil from the milk begins to separate out. It is originally an Indonesian dish but it is popular throughout South-east Asia, particularly in Malaysia and, now, in Thailand.


Today, my version will use a Commercial Tom Yum Soup Paste I featured some time ago for my spice component. It is a Thai product, heavily redolent with Lemon Grass and Galanga, and I will also use a little Sambal Oelek for some added heat. Rather than beef, I am going to use pork, which is definitely non-traditional, given that Indonesia has a Muslim majority. I am going to be slow-cooking using coconut milk, however, so the dish will be a Rendang of sorts, but, given the spices and use of pork, something of a Thai variety…  Continue reading “Pork Rendang”

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Notable Nosh: Caribou Stew

Caribou Stew 1

I’m not actually sharing a recipe with you today but I thought some of my readers who are not familiar with caribou might like to see this dish made by my wife the other day.

Those of you who have been reading my blog over the past week or so will know that my wife has been very busy with a computer camp she organized for kids recently. They all required being fed lunches during the week and this particular task was taken up by my wife as well. They had one feed of Mac ‘n’ Cheese (a huge vat of which was made by yours truly), as well as a do-it-yourself sandwich affair. Since the students were all local Inuit children, my wife also included a traditional meal for them in the form of the caribou stew you see above.

Many of my readers will not have seen (or maybe even heard of) the Caribou before but you will likely be familiar with Reindeer. Caribou is just the name commonly used in this part of the world for the animal closely associated with Christmas all around the world. A while back, my wife put up a whole caribou in our freezer, one cut of which went to make the stew. We are down to just a few packages now and it has just struck me that Santa may well be stuck with just 7 reindeer pulling his sleigh this year… Continue reading “Notable Nosh: Caribou Stew”